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5 Best Photo Editing Services + Free Bouns

5 Best Photo Editing Services + Free Bouns


Are you tired of browsing the web in search of reliable and professional photo editing services? Unfortunately, many companies pay for their positive reviews, but actually, the quality of their services is questionable.

To keep you safe from such agencies, we have tested the most popular services for enhancing photos to see how they cope with different tasks. After numerous tests, we have concluded that the greatest services for portrait retouching are FixThePhoto and WeEdit.Photos. The best provider for wedding photo editing is WeddingRetouching. You are unlikely to receive qualitative and realistic results from such services as Tucia or PhotographersEdit. So keep reading this article for more detailed info!

1. FixThePhoto

Services Provided: Portrait, wedding, product, jewelry, real estate, newborn, photo-editing, image manipulation, professional retouching, photo restoration

Prices: $0,25-25 per picture

Delivery: 1-3 working days

FixThePhoto is the most popular service for professional photo editing. For the last fifteen years, they have worked with clients from more than 86 countries, and have enhanced more than 3000K images. Besides, they need very little time for editing photos, so you can be sure of prompt results.

Portfolio: Check their portfolio and you will realize that FixThePhoto is the greatest photo editing service you can find nowadays. All examples can be even zoomed in, meaning that the specialists don’t hide anything.

Delivery: The professionals of FixThePhoto edited our pictures very fast, and we received the them on the next day.

Final result: We got an amazing image that meets all our demands and expectations. The retouchers are real professionals, who have amazing Photoshop skills. The headshot looks incredible. The skin is smooth, but retains natural texture.

They color corrected the image nicely, removing the unhealthy-looking yellow tint from his face. The retouchers even whitened the eyes, to make them pop. In addition, FixThePhoto offers special packages for editing photos of various difficulty levels. Using those packages can help you achieve similar results quicker.

For example, High-End Retouching Package includes such options as beauty retouching, makeup creation, hair retouching, body reshaping, etc.

Choose Wedding Pack Premium if you need to improve wedding or engagement images making them look beautiful and classy. А Cotton Candy Cloud Overlays is a great package that will help you cope with such common photo problems as an uninteresting or cloudless sky, and more.

Summing Up: FixThePhoto is definitely the best photo editing service for the majority of tasks. They deliver qualitative and quick results that are second to none. Besides, the specialists are quick to consult you concerning the edits and provide you with the necessary help.

Free Bouns
FixThePhoto Freebies

2. Tucia

Services Provided: Basic editing: color adjustment; blemish deletion; evening out skin tones; makeup improvement; reduction of glare/wrinkles; body shaping. Extensive editing: face/body swap; background replacing; adding extra objects; blending images.

Prices: $8 per credit

Delivery: 7 days

Tucia is a company that claims to be a leading photo editing service, but our experience of working with them proved that it doesn’t deserve this status.

Portfolio: The portfolio is not very large. It contains about twenty photos, and frankly speaking, we only found five decent examples. Other samples looked boring and outdated.

Delivery: We received our photo only after seven business days. This is quite a long time for a single image to be edited.

Final Result: We were disappointed with the result and won’t address this company in the future. Comparing this result to the ones above, one can confidently say, that the difference is drastic. Such photo editing cannot be named professional. Instead of dealing with blemishes, they decided to blur all of the problem areas. They couldn’t even cope with color correction, as the picture is too bright.

Summing Up: The resulted image did not meet our expectations at all. The services provided by this company are rather amateurish.

3. Weedit.Photos

Services Provided: Culling, color adjustment, glamour, beauty, body retouching, background deletion, photo restoration, portrait, wedding photo enhancement

Prices: $25-50 per picture

Delivery: 2-5 working days

WeEdit.Photos is one of the most popular photo editing services that offer a great variety of tools and options for professional photo enhancement. Providing its services since 2003, Weedit.Photos has everything for photographers of different genres.

Portfolio: The company has an excellent portfolio, where photos are conveniently divided into categories.

Delivery: The delivery of the edited material usually takes from one to three working days. Weedit.Photos met the announced deadline and sent us a photo within 2 days.

Final result: The retouchers of the company are skillful and perform their tasks on a high level. They pay much attention to details. Weedit.Photos fixed imperfections, transforming a regular photo into a striking headshot. All the adjustments are made to flatter the subject.

Their color correction is excellent. They enhanced coloring of the image without creating an artificial look. Although the services provided by the company are quite affordable, the results they offer can easily surpass those offered by more expensive agencies.

Summing Up: An excellent service. The retouchers are real professionals, who always deliver high-qualitative results. Besides, the indisputable advantage of Weedit.Photos is a fast turnaround. We would use their services again.

4. Wedding-Retouching Service

Wedding-Retouching Service
Services Provided: Wedding retouching, color adjustment, portrait retouching, body retouch, background deletion, B&W editing, family editing, photomontage

Prices: $0,20-10 per picture; $99-159 per wedding image

Delivery: 5-7 working days

Our experience of working with Wedding-Retouching was great. The company has been offering qualitative wedding retouching services since 2013.

Portfolio: This photo editing service has an excellent portfolio kept in the “Gallery” tab.

Delivery: Our order was ready in time. We had to wait just 2 days.

Final Result: Wedding-Retouching delivers the result of high quality. Specializing in wedding retouching, they help wedding photographers from around the globe. By gently improving colors, the specialists of this service transformed this headshot into a vibrant and captivating picture.

They managed to improve a picture, while preserving the natural look. They worked with skin without causing blurriness or making it look plastic. Even after zooming, the texture looks natural.

Summing Up: A superior service with professional retouchers. Much attention to detail, inexpensive pricing plans, and quick turnaround.

5. PhotographersEdit

Services Provided: custom culling, color correction, portrait, and wedding retouching, commercial, and real estate photo editing

Prices: $0.14-3 per photo; $40 per hour

Delivery: 1,5 weeks

Offering custom post-production, PhotographersEdit has been in the industry for twelve years. Our expectations for this service were very high, but in fact, we very a bit disappointed. As it turned out, this company doesn’t meet the description given on their website. Everything from the quality of a photo to the turnaround and communication with technical support is just awful.

Portfolio: The portfolio only consists of several examples, and their quality could be better. The images are too small and cannot be zoomed in.

Delivery: They needed about 1.5 weeks to edit the image. The company claimed that it required so much time because of “custom editing”. However, we expected a faster turnaround from a professional photo editing service.

Final Result: The quality of the edited image is unacceptable. The color correction is awful: the colors are too bright and saturated, the contrast should be lowered. Don’t even get us started on the retouching. It is simply atrocious. The skin looks too blurry, and has no details whatsoever. The editing looks overdone and amateurish. It also makes the man look as if he’s not a real person. So, we wasted our money and time.

Summing Up: Their image enhancement services will unlikely satisfy any client. So, we do not recommend this company.