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Defraggler Professional

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Lightweight disk defragmenter

Defraggler is a compact and lightweight Windows disk defragmenter tool, which supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems. It runs smoothly even on an old computer. Compared with other disk defragmentation software, Defraggler's unique feature is to clean up the specified file (folder) fragments.
  • "It is simple and quick, and the effect of folders defragmentation is better."
  • "Defraggler is very small, more than 1M, fast, and can also organize folders."
  • "Everything from Piriform works well. My favorite is CCLEANER, and I haven't changed it since I used it."
  • "Defrag large files is slower than other similar products."

Customer Reviews

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  • It is certainly better than the windows one to do defragmentation, for it allows me to see the defrag process clearly. I could not really give comments on its defragging speed since I have been away from the old windows system tool for years since I used Piriform defraggler. It’s perfect with nice performance and results.
  • Defraggler is a program for disk defragmentation and it is very easy to use. There are many options to meet different defragmentation needs. This one works better and more quickly compared with many other defragmentation programs. I use it in conjunction with ccleaner to keep my computer clean and healthy. So far so good.
  • This is great software! Can you believe it is definitely powerful enough to take place the built-in defragger in your computer? I highly suggest it. It may be the most wonderful defragmentation program in the market. In addition, it would show you the condition (health, temperature...) of your computer.
  • This thing is pretty good, compact and powerful
  • The price is reasonable. Nice offer.
  • The program works faster and more completely compared to Windows defrag. Very useful! Worth buying.
  • Defraggler shows me the condition of my system in detail. With its help, I can have complete control on my system.
  • Cheap yet powerful defragger, I’m so happy with it.
  • It works well but nothing special is included, and lacks some features that other defrag utilities have. I have used several defrag programs: Auslogics works quickly and can do defrag in the background; SmartDefrag can do both background and boot defragmentation; JKDefrag can do screen saver defragmentation automatically.

    SmartDefrag is the only program that has a pretty full feature set. These features are sufficient for general defrag requirements. Others can be combined in pairs to reach the complete feature set, including Defraggler.
  • The Quick Defrag feature in Defraggler is really quick, it scans and analyzes the hard drive at a higher speed than other defrag tools. It saves me much time.
    But it spends a long time to do complete defrag. I would not suggest full defrag. The disk map is not made detailed enough for it only displays the swap file and MFT Zone. Besides, the metadata files and other unmovable files like System Restore points in Vista and Win 7 are not showed on the disk map as well.
  • This is good for mechanical hard drives. Occasional disk defragmentation can increase efficiency, just don't frequently do it.
  • I like its charting very much. I could see the progress clearly. Actually I have no patience with my computer. While it’s loading something I can not help to pushing the button consistently instead of just waiting. That’s really a hard time for me. If I were more expert on computer I would abandon the defragger that comes with the Windows and use DEFRAGGLER only.
  • This defragmentation program is very easy to use and works very fast. There are a number of choices and it gives me full control. I use it with ccleaner for my PC security.
  • The program is the greatest defragger as I know, although the defragmentation process takes a long time. You will find an amazing difference in your system when the defragmentation is finished. It just has done its work so well. The only shortage is the speed. But it is worth your waiting and the payment. I love it!!

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