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Focusky software UI is simple and intuitive. It’s easy to use, and easy to create cool and powerful PPT, like animation.

Focusky can let you more easily to get a start and use it for a long time. The more you use it, and more you will feel better to use, and more able to master it. But PowerPoint is to the opposite, the more you use it, you will feel it more complicated to use.

Focusky can not only create animated PPT demos but can also output videos, so we use it to produce the micro course. (Focusky already has a large community of teacher users), animated videos, corporate videos, and more.
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  • One problem needed to be fixed is the compatibility with the Office, such as PPT import, excel form, chart paste, and other Office compatibility issues etc. In short, Focusky is a powerful tool for making slideshow.

  • Easy to use. I hope I can improve my PPT skills. The cons: Poor Interaction.

  • Focusky allows you more easily to get start and use it for a long time. It will make people feel better and use better, more and more able to master and use it freely, while PowerPoint is the opposite. The more you use it, the more complicated it is. Untestable.

  • The software is very good, but it is very slow

  • Network course is the trend of the future, so this kind of software will make more improvement in future.

  • I don’t want to play in sequence. I want to be free to click and play anywhere, just like Prezi!

  • I just used it and found the vector drawing is not as flexible as ppt. The operability of various graphics needs to be improved, and there are various bugs in the PPT import, which I hope will be improved in future.

  • The ease of operation and presentation are beyond PPT, making the presentation more interesting.

  • It is pretty useful, but sometimes the software will hang for a while, or even freeze completely… Nevertheless, it is quite simple to use existing templates, and the effects are even livelier than with PowerPoint, and are easier to make than to create animations in PowerPoint. The exported EXE can play directly in other computers. This is very convenient. Overall, it is a good software.

  • It's rather easy to use, but sometimes the software will slow down and even get stuck ... but using the ready-made template to change is relatively simple, and the effect is more vivid than the effect of PPT, and the effect is simpler than PowerPoint animation. The EXE exported to other computers can also play directly and it is convenient. Overall, it is a good software

  • By chance, I noticed this Focusky software. As I often have to train new teachers to develop multimedia production skills, so I would frequently use and test different types of such software. In terms of its ease of usage and templates, it is really not as good as several other similar software. Sometimes, there will be lagging, and less flexible.

  • It is at discount now, very worth to buy. The templates are much enriched. Highly recommended. It’s friendly to the newbie.

  • Initially, I have always used prezi. I like its full page free to play effect. Now with Focusky, it is even better than prezi for learning. The user friendly style menu which allows no line zooming, panning, and line path demonstration give a feeling of layers and enable the viewers to see the overall layout more clearly. Someone says: shine may lead to dizziness, but I don't believe this is true. You can use the flat movement mode or others.

  • If text-to-speech function and test modules are added, the software will be even more powerful!

  • The software is very useful. It is very helpful for teachers to prepare class materials.

  • The software functionality is very good, but it lags a lot when using. Don’t you engineers pay attention in optimization?

  • This is a very outstanding software. In visual effects, it has gone beyond PPT, or you can say that, to achieve the same effects, PPT requires much more time and cost.

  • I have tried it and found that it is better to use than Prezi. It has done a very good job with improving the habits. I have a small suggestion. It was there before and for some reason it is no longer there ... I hope Focusky can add a "focus" function, allowing the focus to move along the path. The things outside the focus box should be blurred, which should make it easier to show the important points of objects on the same level. I also hope that you can add some interfaces with customized plug-in codes to expand on some of the functions that the official version hasn't included

  • If you can add text to voice function test module, it will be invincible

  • It feels really nice. I don’t need to make PPT anymore.

  • I have been paying attention to this software for a long time. The effect I have made is so amazing. It’s been already beyond the traditional PPT. Here are some of my personal views.
    1. The slide layout is not very good to use. If a page can be saved as a style, the second application should be fine.
    2. The chart data source support should be increased. Currently, it only supports csv format. It should at least add xlsx and txt format. If you really encounter a large amount of data, surely you can't rely on manual input. Some time ago, I have more than 20 forms to do in the demo, but in the end I had no choice but to use ppt to complete it. I hope that it will richly demonstrate the chart project. Currently, it does not support dynamic charts (non-animated). I personally feel that this feature is still widely recognized in commercial presentation. In addition, you should consider introducing script language later to enhance the flexibility and practicality of the software.
    3. I hope that there can be more page templates, animation templates, and element templates, especially the elements fit the time. I hope it can be like the H5 online editing animation editing pages. There should be some directly applicable animation, some customizable things that can be kept in cloud as draft and be shared.
    4. Since it is dynamic, the audio, sound effects, light, projection, flash, etc should also be achievable.
    5. The individual elements of the 3D dynamic, such as clicking on an element of the page to zoom in. And then you should be able to control the rotation and flip, such as a cube that can show different content on each side. And then a return path that doesn't just go back to the same path, but instead allows you to jump directly to your own settings.

  • I think it's really good. From now on, I won't use ppt

  • The latest version is pretty good. It is much smoother, with many animations added. It has already surpassed Prezi completely in terms of functionality. You should own it!

  • I previous did PPT in company, no matter what I did with PPT, the result is not appealing, especial the video and flash are my weak skills. Once again, I found Focusky, after I used it, the effect made me feel completely changed. The browsing outline is like a lens sliding movement. The 3D effect is very powerful, and it gives me a new and refreshing demonstration. For the producer, from the template, material, function, no matter the beginner and professional. It’s already able to meet the requirements.

  • The Highlights:
    1. I have used the Prezi software in the past. But because of language problems, I couldn’t have a trial properly, and had to give up regretfully. A short time ago, I noticed this software had occupied the top ranking at a download website for a long time, so I downloaded it for a trial. At first, I wondered whether it was the old version of Prezi and estimated that the function would not be good enough. But after the trial, I found that I can understand the language, and this is enough for me to embrace Focusky.
    2. Compared to PPT, Focusky and Prezi show a dazzling effect. The speech effect is much more powerful than PPT.

  • The latest version is very good. It's smoother. A lot of animation has been added, the function has completely exceeded the Prezi. It's worth having!

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