AVG Internet Security Business Edition Reviews

  • Ryan Jung
    I’ve used AVG ISB for 3 days in my office and my computer become a little slow after installation of AVG ISB, I think there are too many processes running in background. Or maybe I should upgrade my computer’s hardware. but all the functions does work. great software for business security.
  • Mike D
    It provides good protection for the computer automatically. A good value as an internet security solution. However, the reporting feature is bad. The report templates are too old and it doesn’t support email scanning. Moreover, the admin control board doesn’t have any improvement. Hope it can get better in the future.
  • Max Spears
    Good security software for business, our company have been using this software since 2012.
  • KC
    Very suitable for servers, works well.
  • Mountain Man
    Very affordable! Good service.