Backup4all Reviews

  • Bruet Francklin Trociffera
    Giveaway link isn't updated in this site yet. Now the site isn't working well like before
  • ABCD26
  • ABCD
  • xtree
    excellent. really fast and reliable. among the best few.
  • uzakta

    Thank you
  • mohamedgalal3636
  • dasgreg
    Cheap yet powerful backup program. It works so great for me. Worth my money.
  • Adrian
    Since I installed this program, Windows' godawful one is no longer useful. This program can work in the background automatically. It works quickly for the mirror backups. After the initial files have been loaded, it can scan, update and clear off the useless stuff in 15 minutes from the 2TB HDD backup and the 500GB backups at the same time. Great!!