Blue Iris Reviews

  • Colormango Support Team
    This is actually version 5 as well. All new keys work with both.
  • dz102030
    I like Blue Iris, but the discount on ColorMango website is for the old version 4. The company release version 5 at the end of May, now I have to try to undo this transaction.
  • J_Chill
    I have tested almost all camera software available, and I can say Blue Iris is the best one. It is compatible with nearly all cameras on the market, including web camera and laptop camera. One thing to complain about is its Tech support. No phone assistance, helpless email response, I solved my problem all by myself at last.
  • sadik17
    Good User Interface, easy to make settings and rich features.
  • EC
    Coupon worked for me! 10% off!
  • Tarah
    After using numerous IP cam apps, I can say BlueIris is so much better than others, for its powerful features and simplicity.
  • Roary
    Installed on my Win laptop, and it runs well. BlueIris only supports Windows OS, hope they can develop a Mac or Linux version.
  • MaxIcon
    Up to 64 cameras supported, that is great! This program is good for family use, store or small supermarket. BTW, it's easy to use, like me, a tech newbie.
  • AmyD
    The installation of BlueIris took only a very very short time, and it's amazingly simple to use.
  • Rogers
    Blue Iris works seamlessly with my Foscam home camera system. It is very easy to use, but comes with advanced features. When it detects a motion, it starts recording automatically.
  • Faith
    Nice program. Easy to use and great. I tried it for a few days, and decided to buy a full version of this wonderful program.
  • Alize
    The coupon is valid. Thanks for saving my money :p
  • Croot
    Blue Iris has rich features and friendly UI. I can control it easily. Solid and reliable webcam software.