ABBYY FineReader PDF Reviews

  • CathDAT
    It's quite good. I have used it and found it quite good. If the price can be cheaper it would be even more perfect
  • K. Garfield
    I've finally found an excellent recognition software, a very good shopping experience
  • Carl
    The recognition result is quite good. It has no problem at all recognizing German! Its English German Japanese recognition rate is 100%.
  • Ontaria Patrias
    Easy to use. It has solved the PDF form recognition issue. Converting into Excel is very smooth
  • Dargon
    Always use this to identify PDF
  • Chris Cross
    I have many PDF files in my computer, and I really want to find one software which can accurately convert PDF to editable file. Now I find it.
  • Logan
    The activation was successful, and I converted a few thousand pages of scanned data. I compared the several software and am most satisfied with this one. The conversion effect is very good.
  • S Riley
    This software supports a lot of formats, such as PDF. The text on photos are converted to other formats. WORD document format can be copied directly. An amazing gadget
  • Crossfitter
    The customer service replies to questions in a timely manner. The software is very easy to use. When converting PPT into a PDF file, you can directly modify the contents of the PDF document, and it won't cause document error.
  • E. Diaz
    Converting PDF into EXCEL by the software is powerful and accurate
  • David
    It recognizes a large number of PDF files. There are independent English files, a Chinese files, and combined English and Chinese files, and the effect is all very good. I bought it after reading the evaluation, and it is indeed as good as the evaluation says.
  • Marika L
    I used this tool before, the result can keep original text formats and fonts, etc., but not good support for the formula.
  • Peter G.
    The conversion speed is fast. I have looked at other identification software and this software has a much higher accuracy rate.
  • Jesse Nietzer
    The recognition rate is very high. It's really an expert and support for a small office
  • ktollstam
    I have used quite a few software that identifies Chinese and English. This software can do the job. It meets my needs, including the preservation of a variety of formats. It saves a lot of work.
  • tony dong
    The software interface is friendly. It's easy to operate. The same file with Japanese and English in it can be identified. The recognition is very good.
  • Derek Cook
    It identifies a lot of learning materials. The effect is very good. The software also runs very fast. At one time, it can identify more than 300 pages without any problems. Thumbs up.
  • Grandma
    It is used for identifying exam papers. The effect is good. The areas that need to be manually corrected are quite few. The recognition rate is satisfactory. It saves a lot of work
  • Scott Creager
    The most professional OCR software
  • Chinacat
    I have used it and it's okay. A wonder gadget for lazy people
  • Kelli Robertson
    Easy to use. Its ability to identify Chinese words has a high accuracy rate. This software is really helpful
  • Gilb
    I've used it for more than ten days. The effect of files it has identified in PDF and scanned is very good
  • sandy
    The software recognition speed and accuracy are quite satisfactory. The format restoration still has room for improvement. But if you are familiar with Word layout skills, then it isn't a major issue. In general, it has greatly increased the efficiency for people who need to deal with a lot of texts.
  • Bryant R.
    It successfully converted two novels. The effect is very good. There is almost no difference. The format is identical.
  • Don Morris
    This is the highest recognition rate software I have ever used. It's very good
  • Cameron Kohn
    I have activated it. Text conversion has become much more convenient
  • Becca Marie
    The use is very simple. The results are good. It can recognize almost 100% of the Chinese. Of course, it also depends on the clarity of the document. It's very good.
  • Gregory H.
    There are some pdf document text recognition errors, very troublesome
  • cristnicol1399
    This the most powerful ocr software I’ve used, no software can recognise file perfectly, but the recognition rate of this tool is the highest among similar products, it can highlight the uncertain words. the cursor moved with me when I was editing, it’s very convenient to proofread.
  • Jeffrey Wang
    I’ve used this software for a long time, it’s really a helpful software for my work, high recognition rate.
  • Daniel Stuetz
    ABBYY FineReader is a powerful OCR (recognize the text on pictures) and PDF processing software. Its accuracy is said to be able to reach 98%, that is the most powerful OCR software.
  • Pug Lover
    It can easily convert paper documents, scans, convert PDF to Word and Excel. It can also mark and sign PDF. You can also use it to compare different files. It also supports nearly 200 languages.
  • Liz
    Powerful features, very easy to use. Don't be afraid of the software big size. Compared with other similar software, its recognition rate is much higher, basically up to 100%. Very worth to be recommended.