Avira Antivirus Pro Reviews

  • robin
    Well taught through and really good interface.
  • demo
  • Lmind
    Good thanks
  • Jon Sujon
    Thanks for Avira Antivirus Pro,
  • wayne
    good deal thanks
  • hythemhashim
  • Coskun
    Very good light software
  • Kaushik
  • kevin
    verry nice site i like it
  • عبدالرحمن
    شكرا لكم
  • sami
  • Sriram T
    Before we have used Avira Products OffLine Installation, why not now, Avira is not providing the Offline installer.
  • Long_Knight
    I have used it sence the early 90's, and still love it. sread detection, low system resources, and it plays well with other software.
  • yassine
  • rasool
  • Fun
    Promo not working.
  • Ahmed5550
  • safiaziz
    I love it
  • mozaheruli247@gmail.com
    Fucking software. Every time when I uninstall it automatically installs during restart the PC. I have uninstalled it with various uninstaller software but the same result.
  • halkat
    never used before
  • arronlee33
    Avira Antivirus Pro is among the best antivirus products in the market. Its features are pretty good, but the graphical user interface is not so good. It performs well in virus detection.
  • jay6541
    I have only used avira for a short time, but I think it is the best one I have ever used. It works very well! Its detection rate is very high. It makes my computer run very well. How wonderful it is!
  • emre us
    I’m an old user of avira. Besides avira, I have also tried avast, nod, kaspersky, etc. But avira will always be my first choice. It runs smoothly on my computer. It has a high detection rate and always ensures good results.
  • McCracken
    I like avira best. It is a very good antivirus software. Plus there is a nice discount. Thanks!
  • Oklarr13
    In general, I feel that it is not particularly good to use. It has to be consistently upgraded. It feels average
  • River Michaels
    Quite cost-effective. Red umbrella very good. But it is becoming less and less well-known.
  • Jim W
    I have used it and found it okay to use, but there are too many errors in the reporting. Some small software has consistently reported errors. The function is not strong
  • Daode Hsieh
    I have to say Avira is really a good product! It can detect viruses efficiently. It takes few system resources during working. The user interface is very clear.

    Compared with other antivirus products, it has the best detection rate. You can have a try and check it yourself.
    Avira is a good software, it satisfies all my needs. It only needs a little system space. I have also used other products, but they always disappoint me. Some of them have poor detection rate, and some of them slow down my computer. Avira is the one I want to keep using for a long time. It works flawlessly with Firefox on my 64 bit computer. Good job!
  • ???? ??????
    Avira is a fabulous antivirus program. It is simple yet powerful, it can find out most of the viruses. It is in my top recommendation list for friends.
  • lasourisaboyante
    Avira is handy and effective. It works very fast. I have used it for almost 10 years, it is always great! The developers really did a very good job.

    If it offers the option to scan the selected folders only, it will be more perfect. I believe if it is improved in this way, it will be more popular and much better.