Avast Premium Security Reviews

  • omiaqt
    Have always used Avast! Honestly it’s because it’s easy and convenient to use
  • Babydoll
    Started using it today, not bad
  • Blush
    I tried a lot of anti-virus software, and finally I choosed Avast. No matter which version, Avast is always good.
  • Austin
    Compared to Avira, AVG and other software suits, It’s much better. After all, Avast is a silent firewall + intelligent behavior protection, I have used it for half a year, never got a pop-up window.
  • Pk Shiu
    This antivirus software is awesome, especially when using malware.
  • KAL
    For common users, AIS is enough, it feels comfortable, simple to use, not complicated, pretty good at both removing viruses and real-time protection.