G DATA Internet Security for Android Reviews

  • Suhaib Khan
    I have used G DATA to protect both my PC and Android phone, it runs flawlessly. My devices are under full protection. G DATA is the best internet security brand. Well done!
  • Hayes
    The most powerful and effective antivirus app for android devices. It works super fast – scan all apps in my tablet within 10 seconds. The app brings no bad influence to battery. Great job!
  • Ndwandwe
    The antivirus app is great. It keeps regular updating to ensure the strongest protection. It costs very little battery for running. When a new app is installed into my phone, it will perform a scan automatically to check if there is any threat. Thumb up!
  • Dylan Bebb
    I bought it for my Samsung Galaxy S3, and it runs flawlessly with my phone. No error at all. Overall, it is a good app worth buying.
  • Ben Audet
    The product works not so fast. It does not stop the malicious web page until it is loaded completely. Hope this can be improved in the next version.
  • Hernandez
    The internet security app is awesome. It works perfectly to protect my Android tablet from all threats. I’m happy to buy it.
  • alexander rushworth
    I have tried many antivirus app, but G DATA is the only one that works for me. It managed to find out malware in my phone. I would highly recommend it.
  • Chad Stowell
    It is very reliable and the best antivirus app. I have been using g data security suite to protect my PC for many years, and I’m so happy that they developed this app for Android.