IObit Uninstaller PRO Reviews

  • rahim
  • Lazio
    good program
  • Ming ho
    I think Geek Uninstall is not as good as this. There is a residue in the system application uninstalled by Geek Uninstall.
  • MB
    I really like IObit Uninstaller, I have installed it on my work and personal home computers.
  • Dennis
    I only use this because I use ASC. It’s OK. Although it is not especially powerful, it is still much more powerful than the system built-in uninstaller tool.
  • ray
    No longer need to worry about incomplete uninstallations
  • A. Floyd
    I think this is basically the most simple and practical PC software uninstall tool.
  • Tiger Rider
    I really like the uninstall residue removal function of this software, which is much more convenient than removing them manually.
  • Frosty
    This type of software is pretty good, very suitable for users who often test programs.
  • GRand
    I heard that this software is very easy to use, I do not know which is better – this or Revo.
  • Krista Fancher
    Very useful for dealing with malware.
  • Amos A
    An essential program for Software enthusiasts.
  • TMo
    It can perfectly replace the system add and delete function, especially the tracking installation. That’s so great. It perfectly tracks the software installation path and registry changes. A good software.
  • JT
    Experience: Previously, it was brought by a third party or the system, but some of the registries may not be cleaned up. After the last download, it is very good, even the registries can be cleaned up. Now I have been using it all the time.