AOMEI Backupper Professional Reviews

  • Soba Daham
    I was about to purchase the Backupper Pro with a 14% discount on the World Backup day deals on their official website. Fortunately I google searched for coupon codes and found this website. Your coupon code gave me a freakin 60% discount. Many thanks for saving money.
  • admin
    We use AOMEI Backupper Professional to backup and create system image, system image is important part of backup work. AOMEI Backupper Professional ease work by having a backup and restore function
  • Ed Kenny
    AOMEI Backupper Pro Giveaway is great.
  • Hutchm
    I've used AOMEI Partition Assistant before, but now I think this is much better and useful.
  • Infusion
    When I saw AOMEI, I thought of a very powerful Partition Assistant, it is easy to use.
  • Lisa
    I've used this company's AOMEI Partition Assistant. The newly purchased SSD was accidentally formatted after installing the system. I tried to reinstall the system but could not install it. Trying to use several software to migrate the mechanical disk system to the SSD, but failed. Finally, I used this partition assistant to successfully do it. This backup software, em seems I've used its free version before, now there is a Pro version, see what is different.
  • MTL
    The first-choice backup and recovery software for Win10, I have always been using it.
  • Gerard
    Anyone who use computer knows that it is safe to use a GHOST backup for the system, which saves time and effort on reinstalling the system and various application software (especially because installing large software is almost as difficult and time-consuming as installing the system). If the software can add GHO backup file format, it is perfect. Because, occasionally accidents can not start the computer, simply can not enter the real mode of the system, at this moment we can only do two ways: Either spend a whole day to install new systems and applications, do not think about retrieving the original system disk Personal data; either the hard disk or U disk into the PE mode for GHO restore system, fully restored in 10 minutes.
  • Wheeler
    I currently using this backup program, user friendly, and fast speed.
  • Rich
    The AOMEI Partition Assistant is very easy to use, but I have used this backup software before. Especially because I don’t know if incremental backup can effectively control backup file size, and how fast of the backup speed, I need to download the trial version to know.
  • Terri Lewis
    Damn software, after uninstalled it, there was an additional 800M D drive, and it cannot be merged into other partitions through the extended volume.
  • Wesley Danger
    Software backup is pretty good, beautiful user interface, fast backup speed, practical and easy to use.
  • Bitty
    Nice. It can also be used for data recovery.
  • MT
    I just tried it after downloading and registering. The user interface is simple, beautiful and clean. My operating system is 14.4GB. In Windows real mode (non-DOS or PE mode), the backup takes only 6 minutes. The backup file is called System. Backup(1).adi, size 6.45 GB. You can also verify, browse, and edit backup files later. There is also a "tool" to choose PE to start or start the computer from the ISO, WIM image to complete the recovery and other operations ... is it very powerful? ! Haha~~