Mailbird Pro Reviews

  • Tim
    This coupon worked for me from AU. Brilliant :)
  • Natalya
    I love its Apps features. I think it's a highlight feature. My computer and phone installed Wunderlist and Google Calculator, the MaliBird integrated these apps, so no need to keep switching between apps, so convenient!
  • lm
    No need to configure POP3, SMTP, etc when login email account. My company email is Amazon account, I previously thought that I could not find the configuration, but it allows to one click login, so surprised.
  • L. Sands
    "I've used Foxmail for five years, then switched to Outlook mailbox. After using it for a while, I found that I couldn't receive the email sometimes, tried N email clients, and finally chose Mailbird. How to say my feeling? the interface is simple, easy to add email account, and the interface is still my favorite cool blue, I love it, I'm still using it after upgrading from win8.1 to win10, no email clients are better than this client."
  • Brycen M
    This is an exquisite email client, Mailbird really suits my tastes
  • JJV
    I'm personally looking forward to the future development and functional advancement of this software.
  • intrimazz
    Just tried it, it gave me a strongest impression, very simple and beautiful user interface, fast speed of sending and receiving emails.
  • Jon
    If you ask me whether it’s worth it to purchase, it depends on whether you are willing to pay to remove advertisements, and whether you require the mail client to synchronize with more than 3 mailboxes.
  • gellrt
    Simply the best.
  • T. Mackel
    Overall, for a relatively new mail client, Mailbird still shows very powerful potential. Mailbird is very similar to a complex of Thunderbird and Windows 10 built-in mail client, compared to something as incredible as Outlook there’s still a ways to go. But for individual users who usually send and receive private emails, Mailbird is definitely capable, but some details need to be further improved.
  • Jeroen
    Sending email is very fast, simple designed user interface.