Ashampoo Burning Studio Reviews

  • rex
    its good
  • José
  • antonio
  • orciopl
    Pros: Quick and Easy 2 use. Easy available widget. Really intuitive and skins interface
    Cons: Could be a bit faster with writing process.
    Summary: If you have to burn a CD/DVD/BluRay disk you should use this software. You won't be disappointed with this kind of tool.
  • iamconan
    Pros: No download problems
    No Bugs with the various programs included
    Easy to Use
    Makes Roxio and Nero software seem beyond substandard.
    Cons: None. None.
    Summary: Excellent Software!
    After years of hair pulling with the problems of just downloading the software of both Roxio and/or Nero (among a few others), I found one that works great. Ashampoo Burning Studio works like a charm. Best of all, it downloaded and installed within 3 minutes, compared to the 8 min and up for Roxio and Nero.
    I have tried several of the programs included with no problems or bugs, so far. The programs open quickly and are ready to go.
    I recently purchased the Roxio Creator 2011 package to install on my newly purchased HP Windows 7 computer. The software would not install and gave me an error code. When I looked up this error code, it is a problem code for the Roxio Creator software for the last several years. I had to manual delete the registry of the Roxio files, since it would not uninstall correctly.
    I was happy to hear about Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 during my review readings and tried it out. I am sure glad I did, since I purchased the full subscription of it.
  • JoeKing
    Simple and practical, Nero has rich features, but not easy to use.
  • Frank
    Like it, it’s very cool, it’s much better than the fatty Nero.
  • Hennesry
    I’ve been using Ashampoo products, simple and beautiful UI, easy to use. It’s much better than Nero.
  • Ada01
    Really, very, very, very easy and simple to use, even people who are stupid like me know how to use it, I really appreciate the company, and technical staff who developed this software.
  • KCrews
    Operation is simple and clear. But I don’t know why it’s taking more than 3 hours to finish writing 4G of videos
  • BigConsumer
    I don't know why I have a high success rate of burning DVDs, but it doesn’t work well when I burn CDs. I don't know if it is the burner’s problem, or the CDs are too cheap...
  • benrau
    Pros: Does much of what Roxio or Nero does, and costs about one-third as much. Only thing I can't see it do is drag and drop to an optical disk.
    Cons: No drag and drop.
    Summary: Good stuff!
  • mcgrath
    It's quite easy to use, the speed is fast and has rich features. However, I only used 500M in my previous CD and there are still 4G left to be used! But this software can't burn any data into the CD any more. What a great waste!
  • derekdavison
    Easy to use bright and airy
    Pros: This program is much faster at encoding and writing to disc it is a whole 1.5 hours faster on my machine now.The programs are set out in an easy to view structure with preview information as you hover over the choices, Blueray disc writing included.
    Cons: I have not found any as yet still experimenting??
    Summary: An excellent piece of software with powerfull opertunities to creat fantastic discs.
  • engrstudent
    Pretty good! Easy to use, not a single CD-ROM wasted.
  • Cheri
    It’s okay, took 20 minutes to write 2G of videos
  • Otto
    I’ve been using it since I bought the CD-ROM drive. It is very easy to use and I want to do something simple and clear. There was a period my CDs kept spoiling and I thought it was the software’s problem, and later I found that the drive was broken, I almost wrongly blamed the software. I still prefer this with NERO.
  • sokee
    Pros: Multi Language As Well I Can Use IIn Chinese
    Cons: Upgrape very Fast
    Summary: Burning Easy in use
  • jonvic333
    Great price for everyone, excellent product.
    Pros: It is always ready and corrects itself if need be.
    Cons: Nothing... nothing I don't like about Ashampoo.
    Summary: I love the feature structure,ything you would want as you would like to see it listed and in that order. It performs with limited input understanding from you. Just know what you want and you will find it as you would have expected.
  • rayorton
    Brilliant !!!
    Pros: Best value for money burning software I've ever found !!!
    Cons: ????????????
  • zizo
    Really good. I used it to burn more than 120 discs. They are all very good. It showed that a few failed to burn, but also can be played normally. Maybe it was because my burner slowed down. It’s really great, much more powerful than Nero.
  • Jim G
    My personal use for the first time, it feels very good anyway, but I’m not too sure about how it is after the multiple use.
  • Biocrim
    The sound of the burned CD is a bit small, I also have NERO, let’s make the final decision after the comparison.
  • Robeeen
    It is good to replace Nero. Nero is not easy to use.~~ Hehe