EaseUS Partition Master Reviews

  • Batman09
    Very nice. It’s so easy and convenient to change the format.
  • Naomi
    Very easy to use, I just used it to make disk partitions and manage data storage space.
  • eBrooklyn02
    Oh please let me know why there is no one use AOMEI Partition Assistant? It is likely the same as this program, but feels cleaner, faster and more convenient than this one.
  • AJ Tundra
    This is so great, it’s the most awesome disk partition software I’ve ever used. You can freely adjust the size of the existing disk space without restarting the system, or you can also create the new partition from the existing one. It’s really great!
  • lbrlartist
    Too much loss, it's more than 20 MB, so how can be said without any data loss?
  • Paul
    Awesome! Really! My 50G space win10 has been prompted non disk space, but now it fixed.
  • John Pyers
    Very good. It has resolved the things that PQmagic didn't. I like it very much
  • Mary Wong
    I use it to adjust the partitions. It has stopped in the process, then, two partitions were gone. What happened?
  • Provo
    A very good to use software. I've just finished the partition. The speed is also very fast. Like it!
  • Angel
    Very easy to use, but the hard drive lost 2 G after I used the program.....
    A very easy to use hard disk manager.
    This software is too powerful. There is no data loss after re-divided the disk space, and there is also no need to re-install the system if you want to expand the system disk space. Fast speed, much better than other partition programs.
  • Decherakd
    This is the best fdisk kit as far as I known
  • Karl
    A really fucking brilliant software! The dummy friendly operation suddenly has 10G for my C drive. No problems left either.
  • Kat
    So great and useful! It has easily solved my C drive partition problem. Like it!
  • Reza Izadi
    I have a 160g hard drive at home. The largest single partition is 35g. There wasn't enough space to play World of Warcraft, so I downloaded this software. It has helped enormously. Really great. Wow ha-ha.
  • Bryant R.
    I want to tell guys who are unable to expand the C disk drive that it’s because the C disk is your system drive, and the partition is in the main partition, and the other partitions are in the extended partition, so you need to modify the free partition into the main partition first, then merge with the C drive. :-)
  • Cascade
    Good software and easy to use, as my personal experience, it’s better than acronis’s.
  • Rndmguy06
    Very easy to use. I have tried many partition software, but only this one is the best. Thank you.
  • ColorMango User
    It is great! Simple, clear and easy to use. Powerful features. It helped me to make my chaotic pile of hard drives that can be adjusted according to my requirements, and without any data loss.
  • NMBowser
    I’ve finally got it. I’ve first used Acronis Disk Director Home to expand the capacity of C drive, but there was no result when I restarted the system. Then I downloaded EASEUS and everything’s done. Haha.
  • MShaps
    Very good to use. The speed of disk partition is very fast, much faster than I ever used tool – Partition Magic. I like it!
  • Dave E.
    It works well after installation. I have a Thinkpad notebook, the system manufacturer give you only one partition, it is very convenient and simple to use. Thank you for the software!
  • Thompson
    The best one I’ve ever used.
  • Diamond
    Quite good. I used it many times and there is no accident happened. If you felt any problem, it can be rolled back as long as it is done before being applied.
  • D. Young
    It’s so great! Better than the system built-in partition program.
  • Alabaster
    It's really too too ... ... easy to use! I think this program is the most powerful disk partition software I’ve ever used. User friendly design, I’ve used it for 3 years and still use it. I like it! It’s much easier than I previous used DiskGenius.
  • D.P.
    This software is really easy to use, the C drive has been already full, and this problem could not be to solved for a long time, today I used this software, it got the work done in ten minutes, btw the operation is so simple.
  • Daaku026
    This software is so good that I was worried about the data in D drive will be lost, but the result told me my worry is completely unnecessary.
  • Sijs94
    I love this tool, ADDS happened to be limited to adjust partition by some reasons while I was fixing a HP desktop, and then I used this tool to do partition job successfully.
  • zammer
    So good, very easy to use.
    1. If the partitions are in different format, first please unify the FAT format into NTFS, right click “convert fat to ntfs” option on the partition that you want to be converted.
    2. Right Click the “resizemove” option on the disk that need to be freed up. Move the mouse to the box, drag the left arrow to the right for some distance. Right click to select the “resizemove” option above the disk that needs to have space increased. Move the mouse to the box, drag the right arrow to the right end. Select the apply option in the left column.
  • Angela
    Very easy to use. It runs well on my 64-bit win7 system. It can expand the C disk space but without any data loss.
  • dgc
    Easy to use. Got back my 160G lost partition
  • Tim Mate
    After a long time of use, it can adjust size of partition as you want, include system partition, and no data lost. the operation is too easy, great partition tool!
  • Luna62
    I've always used it. It's a very good software. I previous used Win7 system, 300G hard drive. I’ve used this program tool to extend the C disk drive, and no problem, everything runs well, very stable. And yesterday, I changed my Win7 system to Win10, and expand C drive, no problem at all.
  • ColorMango Customer
    Super awesome software. It has fixed up my C disk space shortage
  • Fabiola
    It helped me a lot, so good! I like it’s really as what it said – without any data loss, it is worth to be recommended. I successfully adjusted the partition, but the whole process took me a bit long time, about an hour, only separated 10g from the 140g disk to a 30g disk. I hope the speed can be improved. Copying files is only 5M/S or so.
  • P. Smith
    It’s very good to use. My computer has two unallocated space. I have used many software and it still didn't work. I use this software and it directly distribute to the C drive and D drive. Excellent.
  • Mika
    It works just by a direct drag. Very good, very powerful. I have used it twice. The hard disk is undamaged
  • D G.
    This is a very good software, my laptop was WIN7 before. It has installed some software. The C drive frequently gives emergency warning. With this software, I separated 10G to the C drive from the D disk space. It's quite useful!
  • Sam
    So good! There is no data loss after the disk partition.
  • Roy Estaris
    A very easy to use software! I have wrestled with it for a long time and finally understood that when you expand the C drive, the other disk has to give up some free partition. For example, D disk must distribute the free zone in the before rather than in the after. It means that the free partition should be given to the front of the disk. In this way, the C disk will have some expanded space
  • ColorMango Customer
    All about those bad reviews, guys, to be fair, is this software really that bad? I’ve used it, and I know it’s not bad but really good, ya, it’s so good that I can hardly believe it. I recommend it! Thanks.
  • skc
    It’s great! Just drag, drop and check the box to complete.
  • Garnet
    Very easy to use. Without any data loss and damaged.
  • Instapoke
    Very easy to use. 300G hard drive, It took me less than 5 minutes to restart and disk format.
  • Conan25
    It’s a great software, very easy to use, with user friendly interface and powerful features.
  • Commoncents
    As I needed expand my C disk drive, and I didn’t want to re-install the system and programs, by chance, I found this software, I had to say it’s really easy to use and really helpful.
  • Sandal
    It’s awesome! As my C drive is short of space on win10 system, I’ve been worried about it for several months, but now, this software help me to solve this problem, just make a directly drag.
  • Wojo
    You have to adjust from the left side of the D drive in order to partition the space to the C drive