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Top 4 PDF Editor Apps Comparison and Reviews

We selected 4 best comprehensive PDF software cost from FREE to $449. Each product is the most popular one at that price level.

And our editors take these 4 PDF software for a testing and comparison in the most commonly used aspects, so you can see what the differences between them easily.

If you’re looking for some other PDF programs for special features like PDF Password Remover, please browse PDF Tools category for more Info.
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Basic Info
Main Site
Platform Windows Linux Windows Windows Windows Mac IOS Android
Quick View
Version 7 12 10 DC
134 MB 792MB 250MB 1,400MB
Learn & Support Visit Visit Visit Visit
Convert to PDF Convert other file to PDF, or create a blank PDF file
ColorMango Score
Create Blank PDF
Create PDF from File
Create PDF from Scanner
Recognize Text Support
Recognize Text Support
Create PDF from Clipboard
Create PDF from Web Page
Combine Files into a Signe PDF
Create Multiple PDF File
Word to PDF/PPT to PDF 0 Error 0 Error 0 Error 0 Error
Summary: Output:
We tested theses 4 programs in PPT to PDF and Word to PDF for several times. The results shows that either free or cost programs can achieve the good output result and without any errors.

If you only need occasionally convert OFFICE documents to PDF, you don’t need a plus PDF creator program, because the OFFICE come with the PDF creating feature. If you need batch converting documents to PDF or if you only need occasionally OFFICE convert to PDF, convert it to PDF OFFICE comes with features, while batch PDF creation or realization of documents after scanning text recognition software must be charged can be achieved.

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Convert from PDF Convert PDF to office documents, .txt or images
ColorMango Score
Convert to Office
Convert to Text Text, RTF, Html Text, RTF
Text, RTF, Html, XML
Other Formats EPUB, OpenOffice, FictionBook
Image-Only PDF File
Image File Postscript, Image File
Extract all images
PDF to Word 4 Errors
1 Error
1 Error
PDF to PPT 3 Errors
1 Error
2 Errors
Summary: Acrobat Pro performs best in either conversion results or quantity of supported file formats, Although Nitro Pro supports less file formats than Acrobat Pro, it works well in conversion results

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PDF Editor Let you edit and modify PDF file directly
ColorMango Score
Edit PDF
Inster RichMedia Image, Audio & Video Image Image Image, Audio & Video, 3D, SWF
Note / Comment
Inster Froms
Summary: PDF Editor is the most important feature in a shareware, for the freeware can only simply add plus contents but could not modify and edit the original contents. If you want to edit the PDF file, one PDF Editor shareware is necessary.

Either features or user experience, Adobe Acrobat is the best one. Nitro Pro’s UI is similar to the Office style, it’s easy and fast to handle it. It’s just less feature than Adobe Acrobat.

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Security & Production
ColorMango Score
Certificates Digitally Sign
Digitally Sign Digitally Sign
Trusted Contacts
Digitally Sign
Time Stamp
InVisible Signature
PDF Protect Password Security Password Security Password Security
Cerificate Security
Digital IDs
Password Security
Cerificate Security
Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management
Security Envelope
Print Protect Low Resolution (150 dpi) Low Resolution (150 dpi) Low Resolution (150 dpi)
Restrict Editing
Summary: PDF Protect is used widely in business and the most important feature in the PDF Protector shareware. The freeware in this kind of program only provides basic protection. if you need provide the comprehensive protection, the shareware is necessary.
Other Features
ColorMango Score
Also can optimize Scanned Page
Summary: Adobe Acrobat performs very well as always.
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Foxit Reader
Foxit Reader is one of the best product in PDF freeware. It is mainly focused on the PDF reader, so PDF Creator is just the plus feature. It’s 100% free to use. Actually, if you’re not often use PDF file, the Foxit Reader + smallpdf (free online service) will be sufficient.
ABBYY FineReader
It’s interface is simple and clean, and it’s easy to get start. Its price is inexpensive and during the same price level of products, its features are full completed. It can meet the users who has not professional PDF editing requirements. The only cons is the results of PDF to Word and PDF to PPT conversion are not very good.
Nitro Pro
We tried a variety of price around $100 dollars Comprehensive PDF software, Nitro Pro’s features are not the most completed, but the errors are the most minimal, and the user experience is indeed the best. Its features can meet the most PDF users’ requirements, and it’s stable, no BUGs in our each feature testing. Its conversion feature is similar to Acrobat Pro. It can be said an outstanding product. While from our sales data, this product is ranked No.1, so we recommend it for everyone.
Adobe Acrobat Pro
As the PDF invented company, Adobe Acrobat Pro is the benchmark in PDF software, either quality, user experience, or functionality are all the best. The only cons is its price is a little expensive. If not considered the money, Adobe Acrobat Pro would be first be preferred.


PDF software features and quality is proportional to the price. That is to say more expensive, more features, and better stability.

● If you don’t often use PDF, the freeware + free online service will be enough;
● If you often use PDF in your daily work, we recommend you prefer to the PDF shareware, that price above $90 (excluding discounts). Because the functionality and quality of this type of software will meet the daily demands, while the software at price less than $50 is short of some features or not stable, so not recommended;
● If the company's bulk purchase, we recommend Adobe Acrobat + Nitro Pro (some parts of Acrobat plus some parts of Nitro), so the whole cost will be lower than you only buy Adobe Acrobat Pro, and meanwhile, you can use the Adobe Acrobat Pro unique features.