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2016 Top 5 Parental Controls Software Comparison and Reviews

We've selected 5 best Parental Controls Software products, and made a comparison of the features and reviews, hoping this will help you choose a satisfied product.

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K9 Web Protection Norton Family Premier McAfee Total Protection REFOG Personal Monitor Net Nanny
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K9 Web Protection
As a freeware, it has the most simple features like website filtering and time management. It just suitable for children under 10 years of age, but the features are not enough for the elder children.

In addition, according to our testing, it occasionally has a little problems, such as Did not block yahoo image search in chrome and opera.
Norton Family Premier
As a top brand product, Norton Family Premier is no doubt about its quality. Its user interface looks simple, and its features are relatively simple either. Actually, it’s designed for the website filtering and time limites, but the features of remote recording and remote control are very weak, so we think this product is more focused on the children aged from 4-10.

The biggest highlight of Norton Family Premier is it supports multiple devices, both PC and mobile phones. You can monitoring and manage the controlled PCs and mobile phones through only one computer, but please note that it does not support MAC systems (ios is supported).
McAfee Total Protection
McAfee Total Protection is a full featured parental control software, but at a very cheap price. The most highlight of McAfee Total Protection is it can make the 99% of websites in the WebAdvisor database divided into the safety ranks, so that’s a very high accuracy of site filtering.
REFOG Personal Monitor
REFOG Personal Monitor is a different type of parental controls software. It is a modified product from a very popular business monitoring software REFOG Employee Monitor, so It is very professional in the remote monitoring and recording, it’s far more precede than the other type of parental controls software, but the blocking feature is 0, so for this product, we generally recommend use it for the children in families with more than 10 years.
Net Nanny
Overall, Net Nanny is quite satisfied, either its features or interface are similar with the Norton Family Premier, but because of its more concentrated in the field of monitoring, its sales are good.


We think K9 Web Protection is only an entry-level product, its simple features can not be compared with the paid products. Its only advantage is 100% free.

Norton Family Premier, McAfee Total Protection, Net Nanny, these three products are the Top 3 Parental Controls products. Their price and features are not great different, just a little difference between device support and some single features. Generally, choosing any one of which is right, but we recommend you choose the one which support a wider range of devices, so that not only PC, MAC, but also mobile devices can be all protected and monitored.

REFOG Personal Monitor is another kind of Parental Controls software, for its protection is very weak, but extremely powerful in monitoring capabilities. It is easier to choose because it is different from other products. If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of your children what has been done on the computer, REFOG Personal Monitor is your only option.