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2016 Top 5 PDF Split & Merge App Comparison and Reviews

We selected 5 best comprehensive PDF Split & Merge software cost from FREE to $17.95. Each product is the most popular one at that price level.

And our editors take these 5 PDF Split & Merge software for a testing and comparison in the most commonly used aspects, so you can see what the differences between them easily.

Actually, more than half of PDF split & merger users prefer to use PDF Editor program, for this kind of software let you directly edit the PDF contents. But the price of good PDF editor is much more expensive than PDF split & merge software. So according to your own requirements to choose a suitable product.

If you’re looking for some other PDF programs for special features like PDF Password Remover, please browse PDF Tools category for more Info.
PDFsam Kernel for PDF Split and Merge 4Videosoft PDF Splitter 4Videosoft PDF Merger Icecream PDF Split & Merge PRO
$ 20 . 30
$ 2 . 90
$ 2 . 50
$ 26 . 95
$29.00 30% Off $29.00 90% Off $25.00 90% Off $29.95 10% Off
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Basic Info
Main Site
Platform Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows
Quick View
Split Feature
ColorMango Score
Split by number of pages
Split by page range
Split by groups of pages
Get rid of certain pages
Split by size
Split by bookmark level
Split by averagely to (number) PDF file(s)
Support drag & drop
Recognize password protected PDF file
Overall Near perfect Perfect split results, works well, but the trial version will leave a developer’s watermark on the documents. Perfect results Good results
Merge Feature
ColorMango Score
Set Page Range
Set Page Sort
Merge all files alternately
Recognize password protected PDF file
Set password to add protection
Overall Good results Perfect split results Rich merge features, and merge files depending on your needs, and encrypted PDF files supported Good results, and support PDF files encryption
Output Feature
ColorMango Score
Compress output files
Built-in PDF Reader
Save result files in one folder automatically
Overall Perfectly merge and split PDF files, and can zip the output files. The inconvenience is you should install the java when you install this software The software will auto create a folder to save your output files, and make you work more organized. Rename function is very convenient, save much time to rename the splited files Provide build-in PDF reader, and rich output files options.
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PDFsam is an powerful PDF split and merge freeware. It has many useful pdf splitting features, even as some paid software. Its output setup provides the file zip function, good.
Kernel for PDF Split and Merge
It's simple and useful. The guided operation process helps you easy to use it. Its split and merge results are very good.
4Videosoft PDF Splitter
This program only hase PDF split feature, but it’s can be said one of the best program in PDF splitting. The most highlight is only this software support Split by averagely to (number) PDF files feature during our testing. It’s price is the cheapest, less than $3.00 (discounted price)
4Videosoft PDF Merger
It's an special for PDF merge software. Its merging features are the most completed in our testing. The other similar software products don’t support merging setups, and only 4Videosoft PDF Merger provides Multiple Merging Setups such as allowing you Set Page Range, Set Page Sort, Merge all files alternately etc. Btw, its price is so cheap - $2.5 at discounted price, and worth to have a try.
Icecream PDF Split & Merge PRO
This one has the most cool UI in the similar software products. Although it doesn’t have the completed PDF merging methods, actually it’s enough for daily use. It provides the convenient file drag and drop feature and build-in PDF reader. It can also recognize the encrypted PDF files, and support inputting the passwords to unlock the file. Its out settings are the richest in our testing. The highlight: It’s the only one software support PDF files encryption during the similar software products.


For PDF Split & Merge software, there are still some differences between freeware and paid software. If you don’t have other special requirements, the freeware is a good choice, and you can also try the 2 4Videosoft software, for the total of both price is less than $6.00 at discounted price. It’s fairly worth to buy.