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Fast Editing PDF without Data Loss. No need of PDF Editor Software

Fast Editing PDF without Data Loss. No need of PDF Editor Software

Sometimes when we need to print the PDF documents, but suddenly find there is a little error required to be correct, and at this time, if you don’t have a PDF Editor software in the computer, it feels so awful.

I've ever tried to open it with Microsoft Word, the Free online PDF editor, and various FREE PDF Editor programs, but all of them are useless because they will change the layouts or styles of the original PDF documents. However, for me, or I think for most people, it’s impossible to reformat the whole layouts of the entire PDF documents or purchase a PDF Editor for just modifying a small mistake.

However, how to fast and easily edit PDF document without data loss? Now it's time for miracles.

Take this form as an example: we need to change the phone number 1234567 to 7654321:

Step 1. You need to log in a FREE online PDF Converter website

(As the limitation of the FREE use times, if you once reach the limitation, you change another online service.)
Select PDF to JPG, then select Convert Pages to convert PDF to JPG.
Note: If the PDF document has multiple pages, it will still be generated to multiple JPG image.

Step 2. Please use any image editing software, like Windows built-in Paint, Photoshop, Adobe, etc., and erase the part of the content that needs to be modified and at last add your text.

Step 3. Resubmit the modified image to the online converter website, then select JPG to PDF, and you can regenerate the modified PDF document.

Note: If your PDF document has multiple pages that I mentioned above, you will have to resubmit all the images in order and then convert them.

You can fast modify your PDF documents without any data loss in just three steps, isn't it too easy?

But there are still 3 points need to be pay attention:
  • 1. It's very important to use Image editing software skillfully. As the Windows built-in Paint is very hard to use, and if you are familiar with PhotoShop or Adobe Firework, things will become easy. But if not, you would spend a lot of time on image editing, so it’s better to use PDF Editor software directly.
  • 2. This method is only suitable for temporarily modifying the PDF documents or that to be printed, but there is a very serious problem that can’t be prevented from – that is when you convert the PDF text content to the images, then convert the images back to the PDF again, the original PDF text content are all become the images, even if you use the PDF Editor, you can’t modify this PDF document again, so you should back up your original PDF document before you modify it.
    PS: If your PDF document has multiple pages, you can first use Split PDF to extract the page that you want to modify, then follow the steps as I mentioned above, and at last use Merge option to integrate your PDF document, so that this makes only 1 page unable to be modified.
  • 3. The best way to solve all the PDF editing problems is to install a PDF Editor program.

If you have a better PDF editing method, please leave it here.
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