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5 Best Ways to FREE Convert PDF to Word

5 Best Ways to FREE Convert PDF to Word

Because of the PDF file attribute, it is impossible to convert PDF to Word 100% perfectly. But there are still some ways to deal with the different conversion cases. Here I will tell you some practical and good conversion methods from FREE to almost perfect.

Conditions: Only when the partial paragraph content in the PDF is needed in Word, and the PDF can be copied.

Conditions: If you want to convert the whole PDF contents to the word.
Tool: Word 2013+ (2013/2016/2019)
Howtos: Choose the PDF document that you want to convert, then right-click it to open it by Word. At this time, you will get a notification from Word: It’s converting.

Tool: The popular https://smallpdf.com
HowTos: Go to the official site, and click 'PDF to Word'
Note: The free service has a limitation: Only convert one file in 24 hours for free, if you want to convert more than one file per day, buy its Pro version. So my suggestion is that, go to the similar PDF to Word online service, like http://www.ilovepdf.com, to add to complement the use and increase the number of uses.

Both online PDF conversion web services provide not only PDF to Word, but also various common document formats. These three methods we introduce above are all free, and should be able to meet 50% needs of common work! But there are still some Cons in these free conversion mode:
  1. Up to three pages can be converted at a time
  2. Only 1 free conversion service is available in 24 hours

In addition to the above conditions, we sometimes will encounter a PDF document, that we could not select its text, that is the directly scanned format. As a Long-term suffered the pain of converting PDF files to DOC files, and after a number of PDF conversion software comparisons, I got the experiences:
  1. No trust ADOBE, No trust OneNote, and No trust the titled PDF to word software, because when we use these software to convert a picture-type PDF, and the result is still a picture for you, the table conversion is garbled.
  2. The best OCR PDF document conversion software is ABBYY FineReader, no one else. The biggest benefit of ABBYY is that it can achieve a correct conversion rate of 70% using files scanned by the scanner.
  3. Before using ABBYY FineReader, install this software: PassWare Password Recovery Kit to decrypt the PDF software. The encrypted PDF file ABBYY cannot be converted without knowing the PDF document password.
  4. Of course, the files scanned by the scanner will inevitably have some text content become skew. This has a great impact on the scanning results of ABBYY. I usually use Foxit PdfEdit to make appropriate modifications. In short, first use PDF Editor to correct the skew, and then use ABBYY to convert.

In fact, using the editing software can also make the PDF edit like WORD, and it is better to simply edit it directly. Please refer to this article for a detailed introduction to PDF editing software:

Who is the master of PDF editor? - 4 popular PDF editors for horizontal comparison

5 ways of PDF to Word, from beginner to professional level,
  1. When only need partial content, copy and paste is enough, use lookup and replace to batch modify the unwanted formats.
  2. Can open in Word 2013+ version and convert PDF documents directly, it is just an easter egg that Word gives to everyone.
  3. Free online conversion sites smallpdf and ilovepdf can help you when you don't have any PDF programs.
  4. Professional ABBYY accurately recognizes and converts scanned PDF documents with powerful OCR technology.
  5. Edit PDF directly, so there will not have any file formats problems.
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