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  1. IrfanView
  2. Everything
  3. Sublime Text / Notepad++
  4. Snipaste
  5. LibreOffice
  6. 7-Zip
  7. Free Download Manager
  8. PotPlayer
8 FREE Windows Portable Software, Make Any PCs Very Easy to Use.

8 FREE Windows Portable Software, Make Any PCs Very Easy to Use.

For Windows users, we are used to the programs installing and uninstalling process, but I believe most users will prefer the portable program, because it has 3 significant advantages:

Clean - Just delete the software folders when you want to remove the program, no need of the uninstalling process, and no files will be left.
Flexible – You can run the program instantly on different systems, no need of reinstalling it.
Portable – You can run the program directly from USB flash drive or cloud space.

Here I will share a collection of portable software tools, that you can use them anywhere at any time.

IrfanView is an old branded photo browsing software, which has been launched more than 23 years. This product is not only a portable program, but the most highlighted feature is that it has hundreds of plug-ins, from multi-language supported to image conversion, even email sending, everything is included.

You can turn IrfanView into an image conversion tool with these plug-ins. I recommend you install the ROIT plugin, because you can accurately control the quality of converted images and the size of compression.

You can also preview various file formats with the plugins, such as CAD files, Video Files, CRW files and more. So just use this portable program, all the problems like previewing CAD, CRW and other files will be perfectly solved, and no need to install extra software programs.
IrfanView Plugins

Everything is an essential program for many companies’ PCs. Once you have this program, you can say goodbye to the Windows default desktop search function. Everything will give you a super fast file search experience, and the search results will be shown from the hundreds of thousands of files in just a few seconds.

If you save Everything on a USB flash drive or the cloud space, you run it on any computers. When you run it for the first time, you only need to spend ten seconds to index the files, and then you can start to search files. There is no need for indexing files when you run the program on the same computer for the second time. There is only one more configuration file added to the local drive.

Please note that Everything also supports the specific search grammar/regular expressions, that greatly expands the scope of the search, so you don't have to spend time on searching files in each folder.
Everything Advanced Search

Sublime Text is known as the most fantastic text/code editor. It also provides a portable version, so I recommend it for everyone to use this version instead of the Windows default Notepad.
Sublime Text

This product can be extremely powerful with plugins. If you are a heavy text editor user, Sublime Text is definitely the best choice. Of course, you need to spend a little time familiar with this product and its common plugins.
Sublime Text Package
PS: Sublime Text is a paid App, but there is no difference between the trial version and the paid version, and there is no time limit for the trial, so that is to say you can use it as long as you want.

In addition, Notepad++ is another choice. It is a lightweight text editor. Although it is not as good as Sublime Text, it is obviously easier to get started.

Snipaste is a simple but powerful screen capture tool. It allows you to paste the screenshots back to the screen.
I think the essential part of the screen capture tool is 1. Accurate Capture, 2. Convenient labeling, 3. Multiple Capture Modes Supported. Snipaste can meet the 1 and 2.
Accurate Capture: Snipaste supports checking interface element and pixel level adjustment, so you can conveniently and accurately capture the area that you need.
Convenient Labeling: Snipaste provides a variety of annotation methods, such as lines, graphics, markers, mosaics, wipes, etc., and it is also very easy to use.
Multiple Capture Modes Supported: Snipaste is not powerful enough, such as scrolling screen capture, GIF capture, and other advanced screen captures are not available, but you can use the image combine (F3), cut the image by several times and then combined them into a long image.
Snipaste combine

This is an essential office tool on the USB flash drive, so even if you need to work on a computer without the office programs, you can easily open Word, PPT, Excel and other files on this computer. However, if you want to edit office files by this portable office tool, it is indeed not as good as MS Office, so LibreOffice is only used for browsing Office files under Windows.

7-Zip is an old branded FREE compression software. So please take it into your household programs list, and then you don’t worry about you are not able to open a compressed file. (Bandizip is another good choice, but currently, it does not provide a portable version).

It supports a variety of http, https, ftp, BitTorrent and other protocols download, breakpoints, resumes etc., and it also supports to download video from video sites like YouTube. It’s not as popular as IDM, but it’s Free, and you can use it at any time, and run it on different systems.
Free Download Manager

It is a well-known free video playback software. Make a copy to the cloud space, and then you don’t need to worry about you can not play a video.


The portable software allows us to run the software without installation process, that not only avoids the junk files (registries and configuration files generated by most software products), but also you can run the program on different systems to meet some daily work requirements, if you save the programs on the USB flash drive or cloud drive.

You can find more portable programs at PortableApps.com, such as Kaspersky, Team Viewer, Google Chrome. You can make a portable tool kit that suits according to your requirements. However, there is still a problem need to note, the portable version of the product can’t be the guaranteed to the latest version, and some features will be not included in the portable version, so most of them are limited to a gadget.
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