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The best useful tools and websites that are great for making Good PPT Slides

The best useful tools and websites that are great for making Good PPT Slides

We are often surprised at the beautiful PPT Slides that other people make, and then we want to delete the ugly PPT Slides that we make by ourselves. So, today I will introduce useful presentation tools. If you can use these tools or resources flexibly, your presentation will be amazing.

1. Enlarge image without quality loss

When you make PPT Slides, we often need some image materials. You know a high-quality image will make your presentation look better, but when you get a satisfying image, you find its resolution is too low, is it very disappointed?

Don't worry, use a useful image enlarger to help you solve this problem.
1. An online Image Enlarger website

The Pros: you can submit your images online directly.
2. PhotoZoom Pro

For example, we find a picture of a bug on the web, the original image is only 300x200px. If it is used directly, it will become blurred, but we really want to use it. So we try both tools I recommend above, and just zoom in to the resolution we need, this image is clearly enlarged!
PhotoZoom Pro

2. A magic plugin commonly used in PPT - iSilde

If you only use some of the features that come with PPT, the PPT is too monotonous. This plugin provides a lot of extensions and a wide variety of icon style libraries. Just like his title: Make PPT Design Easy
Let's take a quick look at what special features he has.
Ultra-rich Icon library
iSilde Icon Library

Rich chart style library, and these charts also support custom data.
iSilde Diagrams

In addition, if you don't know how to typeset, you can also use iSilde's own graphic library template for layout design.
iSilde Templates

There are also many layout optimization tools for improving your work efficiency, like format font. You can try it yourself after installing it.
iSilde Feature

3. Word cloud art creator

It allows to turn the word into various graphics, it's so cool and very easy to use.
Word cloud art creator

4. Online Icon Font Library - Iconfont

Input some simple icons to your PPT that will make your PPT looks much more better. This icon fonts library has up to 4 million icons, and you can get some unique and beautiful images here.
(P.S. As this website is a Chinese website, so if you see the interface is in Chinese, please click on the EN in the upper right corner of the website to switch to the English.)
Word cloud art creator

5. Grid & Collage Maker - CollageIt

This tool is also very simple and lightweight. It is used to turn many pictures into the impressive collages.
This effect is very common in PPT, we can't turn so many images into collages manually, so this software is designed to generate collage.

6. A professional chart maker App - Edraw Max

The PPT default chart is too simple to use. Actually, we usually need professional software to make charts, you know a professional PPT will make your PPT much more persuasive to your audience.
Word cloud art creator
Compared to the Visio, Edraw Max is much easier to get a start, and it has more than 260+ diagram types, included Flowcharts, Mind Maps, Architecture Plan, Gantt Charts, and network topology maps. Moreover, the price is lower than Visio. I think it is an essential tool for making PPT.

7. The largest PPT resources - SlideShare

You can discover many concise and well-presented PPT shared by experts from all over the world. You can get a new idea, design inspiration and article structure, by the way, you can refer to the PPT skills, and see if you can surpass, but do not copy.

8. A special compression software designed for compressing PDF files - FILEminimizer

Maybe you will say that the compression software is no need to talk about, the Winzip and WinRar are enough, but the power of this compression software is that it’s designed for compressing Office files, WORD, PPT, EXCEL, PDF files, etc., and the compression rate is much higher than other compression software, up to 98%.

What does that mean? That is to say, 100M PDF files will become 2M after being compressed by this compression software.
The most important thing is that it does not need to be decompressed, and the compressed file is available to open to use directly. Trust me, with these tools, you will make a good PPT, and at last a perfect size.


Almost everyone will search for templates when they make PPT. However, those beautiful PPT templates have been used so many times, if the audience found that you used a similar template, they will think that you are not sincere to your project, and then your PPT's persuasiveness is reduced by at least 90%. These tools provide you with the possibility of universal design, so use these tools effectively to make your PPT Professional, beautiful and unique.
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