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123FormBuilder: Creating Complex Online Shop Order Forms Easily

123FormBuilder: Creating Complex Online Shop Order Forms Easily

123FormBuilder is a form creation tool that allows users to make forms from scratch, as well as use ready-made form templates (and customize them to their needs). At the moment, there are more than 1,900 templates you can choose from, but if you want your forms to be 100% customized from ground zero, you can absolutely do that as well.

123Form Editor

This tool will allow you to collect priceless information from users and/or employees, so that you can make better business decisions in the future. From simple contact forms to complex surveys and workflow setups, 123FormBuilder can help you with pretty much everything.

event Form Editor

Although the tool itself is extremely easy to use (it’s a drag and drop platform), you should keep in mind that 123FormBuilder is extremely complex in terms of the features it offers. With this tool, you don’t only get the forms, but the entire platform that comes with it: notifications, tracking, centralizing information, and so on. Furthermore, the forms themselves can be quite complex in itself.

order Form Editor

On top of everything, 123FormBuilder is fully integrated with more than 80 third-party tools (including, but not limited to payment processors, content management systems, customer relationship management tools, and so on).

contact Form Editor

For example, below, you will find a tutorial on how to build a complex coffee shop order form with rules and integrated payment processing.
1. Log into 123FormBuilder and go to your Form Editor.
2. Divide the form into three parts: Contact and Delivery Details, Menu and Order Confirmation, and Terms of Agreement.
3. The Contact and Delivery Details with the delivery time should contain fields that have no special functions (just simple fields).
4. The Menu will be more complex (as it will have hidden fields that are only revealed when certain fields are filled in or certain actions are taken). To start with this, you should add a multiple choice field (“What would you like to order?”). This field will trigger the behavior of the form. We will discuss how to set the field rules at a later step, but for now, you just need to make sure that you have this “root” field in place.
5. For instance, if you sell tea and coffee in different varieties, you will need four fields related to tea and three fields related to coffee. These fields can be single choice, multiple-choice, and number fields. This will allow customers to choose the type of coffee or tea they want if they want their drink to be sweetened, how much of each drink they want, and if they want something extra next to their coffee (cookies, muffins, etc.). Those fields that are connected directly to tea or coffee will be set as hidden (so when customers open the form, they will not see any details of the drinks, just what they select from the multiple-choice field).

Form Editor

6. To make the form look more professional, we can also add image fields and resize them. Since not all the fields of the form are visible, you can also make the images hidden and set the rules so that they appear only when the customer has selected the product related to the image.
7. To make it all secure, add a Signature field and a Terms of Service field at the end. Also, add a Heading with instructions for customers who might have coupon codes to use for discounts. These fields should not be hidden. Furthermore, the coupon box should be set automatically from the “Payments” section.

123FormBuilder secure field

8. To set the form rules, go to Settings → Rules → Field Rules and check the “Enable filed rules for this form”.
9. Think of the rules you want to implement and add each one at a time.
10. For instance, the first checkbox allows customers to select between tea and coffee. Depending on what customers choose, the form will show hidden fields related to the products they have picked. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to one rule per field and that you can set multiple actions within a single field. Here’s an image on how you could set this up:

123FormBuilder rule field

In this example, this is how your form would look like to the end-user:

123FormBuilder end user

11. Repeat the same process with all the fields you want to add rules to, adjusting the rules as you see fit.
12. If you want to add payment collection to your form, go to Form Editor → E-Commerce, and select the payment processor you want to use. As you will see, there are quite a lot of them you can choose from. Follow the steps on the screen and set up your desired payment processor.
13. Furthermore, you can also set up a Notification email or SMS to be sent out to the user once the payment is received. To do this, go to Settings → Notifications. In our example, we chose to send the user an SMS when the payment has been received by the coffee shop. As such, we clicked on “New SMS” from the menu on the left side of the screen (as you can see in the screenshot below as well).

123FormBuilder Notification

14. Depending on your preferences, you can set up your notifications to be triggered by certain actions and to adjust to specific circumstances.

123FormBuilder has three main plans you can choose from: Basic (free), Gold ($24.99/ month), and Platinum ($44.99/ month). Check them out and grab your form builder!

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