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The professional resource manager DEVONthink on Mac

The professional resource manager DEVONthink on Mac

Nowadays, PC has become an essential productivity tool in our life. ColorMango is always looking for more methods and software to improve efficiency for our customers.
There is a product that allows turning a local computer to a robust information management system on Mac.

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Someone says DEVONthink is a great notes program product, and some another one think it is a file management system. After I have tried it and read a lot of related articles. I feel it’s so powerful. Someone use it as Evernote, and someone uses it as a Finder, but I think it does not only complete a function but an entire process.

For example, it is used to create a personal knowledge base, or a private information management system, and even create a personal version of Wiki. It can help me finish an entire workflow, that is enough.

In our daily work, we will usually browse the webpage, collect data file, download documents, write down our inspire thoughts, and organize these data files, so we need to use a variety of software, such as EverNote, Pocket, Instapaper, Finder, Bear. Etc., The most highlighted feature of DEVONthink is that it integrates all those App functions I mentioned above into one program product.


There are many methods to use Devonthink, and I made a trial of collecting data files to know the DEVONthink features and write my experience in this article.

Our normal file processing is divided into 4 steps
Data Collection -> Data Organization -> Data Using -> Data Archiving

1. Data Collection

DEVONthink uses a way of the database to manage data files, so when you create a new database each time, it is a project.

When you created the database, you can freely to drag webpages, documents, images and video files to the DEVONthink, and that will automatically help you classify these data files to the different projects, so there is no need to considering the file formats any more.

Note: It is particularly worth to mention that DEVONthink also supports cloud disk mapping, that is to say, the files on the cloud drives are also available to the DEVONthink.

2. Data Organization

DEVONthink will automatically assign attribute tags to each file, like video, image, and web page, etc., which is common, but the most important thing is that you can customize many tags, such as document comments, document status flag (to-do, done, essential) and many more.

One of all the features I mentioned above is the status flag tags, which allows me to flag all the information as necessary, secondary, unread, todo, etc. so that I can process these files in an orderly manner.

3. Data Using

DEVONthink supports preview files in the program. It is a small function, but it can significantly improve the documents reading speed, such as you don’t need to open the browser when you browse the web pages, and it also provides built-in image and video players.

Besides, its search function is also powerful. You know there is a popular App called Everything, which is a local file search tool. DEVONthink is similar to Everything, although the search speed is not as fast as Everything, it performs excellently on Mac because it not only supports to search files by file name but can also search archives by the keywords of text content or the bookmarked web pages. You can also fast get the data files by searching for specific keywords and tags.

4. Data Archiving

Usually, most of the files are disordered on our computer, so we create directories and subdirectories one by one, but over a long time later, we will be tired of frequently opening these directories to archive data, and in the end, we usually forget to archive most of the data files. DEVONthink cleverly learned it from the management philosophy of the database to manage the documents, so you can browse the project like the database tree, and try the fuzzy search by *. All these functions bring us many conveniences that we don’t have to spend time on archiving data and give all to DEVONthink for automatic optimization.


Each process of Data Collection -> Data Organization -> Data Using -> Data Archiving in DEVONthink is not excellent, but only DEVONthink can integrate each process into an product.

This article is want to let people who don't know DEVONthink have a preliminary understanding of this software. If you want to use DEVONthink skillfully, it will take a certain amount of time to watch videos and references.
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