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[Cost Guide] Get Forex Tester at the Best Price - Up to 67% Off 2023

[Cost Guide] Get Forex Tester at the Best Price - Up to 67% Off 2023

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Imagine such a scenario. As a trader, you have already made a trading strategy, but whether this strategy is effective still needs to be tested first. So how should you choose? Direct entry firm trading is not an ideal choice. After all, this is an untested strategy, and we need more tests to prove its reliability.

So, how to backtest the strategy? Trading strategy backtesting software is undoubtedly a tool that many traders may consider, among which the most well-known strategy backtesting software is Forex Tester.

In today's article, ColorMango will share how to buy Forex Tester at a low price so that you can buy Forex Tester at the best price.

💡Get Forex Tester with Best Price

The following Pricing Plan is the biggest discount you could get for each license.
  • Forex Tester most updated discount coupons (100% Working)
  • verified
  • VIP - Monthly (Forex Tester and Monthly Super Data Subscription)
  • $168.99
  • -$180
  • VIP - Annual (Forex Tester and Annual Super Data Subscription)
  • $298.00
  • -$601
  • VIP - Lifetime (Forex Tester and Lifetime package Super Data)
  • $517.98
  • -35%
  • Forex historical data subscription (from $39.99 - $439.00)
  • $199.00
  • -20%

ColorMango Exclusive Discount Coupons🔥

Forex Tester discount mainly focuses on the software, while the data discount is fixed.
So take Forex Tester Basic as an example. The discount is 33%-54% floating.
With so many years of our sales records, if the Forex Tester Basic discount is 54%, other licenses are also the lowest.
ColorMango gets a unique discount code from Forex Tester, which ensures the lowest discount in the whole network.
(monthly)BasicStandardVIP (Super)
🚫E-commerce/Trust Store
After the investigation of Colormango on major e-commerce platforms (Amazon, G2A, Kinguin, etc.), only the official website sells Forex Tester at present, and the exclusive discount of Colormango is also the lowest.

Subscription or Lifetime❓

First of all, the price of Forex Tester is divided into two parts, Forex Tester 5 + data subscription.
The software is $139 for lifetime use, while the data is a monthly/annual/lifetime subscription.
For example, if you buy a 1-year subscription, the cost of a data subscription is:
Paid monthly - 1-year data price ($29.99x11) $329.00
Paid annually - $157.00
Lifetime - $379.00
According to the Forex Tester sales report of Colormango in the past year, The best seller is Forex Tester + VIP (Super) - Monthly subscription, then VIP (Super) - Lifetime package.

Because many ordinary users don't use Forex Tester for data testing all the time, they only need to use data 1 or 2 times a year, so it's ok to buy a monthly data subscription. Then, if you need test data again, you can subscribe to the data for one month alone, but please remember to cancel the automatic subscription in time.

Another kind of user is the user who needs to test data for a long time, so they often purchase lifetime data subscriptions.

Generally speaking, few users choose 1-year data subscriptions. Instead, monthly and lifetime data subscriptions are the most popular.

Upgrade Plan

Forex Tester Upgrade PlanAs I said above, the price of Forex Test is divided into software and data subscription.

The software is a lifetime license when you buy it, but you need to pay extra if you encounter a major version upgrade. However, the upgrade price is very low, only $49.

The data don't need to upgrade. Whether you buy a subscription or lifetime data, it is the newest.

Basic/Standard/VIP (Super) Which do you choose❓

Forex Data TypeRemember, no matter which version you choose, the software is the same. The main difference is the data subscriptions. I recommend you buy Vip (Super) data.

On the one hand, according to the sales report, VIP (Super) is the most popular license; on the other hand, the difference in monthly price between Standard and VIP (Super) is only $8 per month.

14-day refund policy

Forex Tester offers a 14-day unconditional refund, and I have searched the website and found no restrictions on the refund, so you can buy it without any pressure, and you can get a refund with peace of mind if you are not satisfied.
Request Forex Tester Refund

💡For Free

Forex Tester Free Alternatives

At present, there is no free version of Forex Tester. The official version only provides a free trial. The trial version has functional limitations, but some free features have a little help.
Forex Tester free trial.
According to the recommendation of Reddit users, you can try the following products for free:


These two products are also trendy, but for ordinary users, it's ok to watch the order and make a counter-order. However, Forex Tester is much more convenient regarding trading strategy testing.

🚫 Forex Tester Free Key
ColorMango investigated the whole network and found no free key, only the Crack version. So please don't use the cracked product. According to our experience, 90% of them have back doors or viruses.


Is there a free version of Forex Tester❓
There is no free version of Forex Tester. The official only provides a free trial with limited functions.

What is the difference between Standard and Super data❓
Standard data is high-quality M1 data, and VIP data is premium-quality M1 & tick data.

What is the difference between Forex free and paid data❓
Free and paid data are different, please see for details:Forex Historical Data Service

Is Forex Tester free for students❓
None of these products offer a free student edition.

Does Forex Tester offer a lifetime license, and how much does it cost❓
Forex Tester Software is a lifetime license, but additional forex data is required to purchase a data subscription, and the lowest price is $139.

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