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How to Find and Deal with the WMA Duplicate Files

How to Find and Deal with the WMA Duplicate Files

WMA is a proprietary file format developed by Microsoft. It is an abbreviation of Windows Media Audio file. The origin of this format dates back to 1999 after Microsoft's decision to build a complete new audio format in order to avoid licensing issues with the already existing MP3 music format.

WMA offers higher standard of audio quality compared to its rival MP3. WMA is not just an audio file format but also a codec and container that can store other metadata related to the music. This may include your music title, album, artist, genre and track. WMA is one of the preferred file formats commonly used to stream music online.

In addition to the stand-alone music players such as Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, many Web-based music players can also play your WMA files. iOS-based devices such as the iPhone do not natively support WMA music files. You'll need to convert your WMA file to a compatible format in order to play it on your iPhone.

WMA Comes Into Different Patterns..
The original WMA codec was introduced in late 1999 at a time when it had a major rival in the form of MP3 by Moving Pictures Experts Group. This format was intended to be an alternative to the already existing MP3, RealAudio and Apple's very own AAC compression format.

Gradually, the WMA transformed itself into different types. The Lossless WMA Codec is intended to offer storage and archival capabilities while the WMA Pro Codec is an advanced version that aims to be a lossy format. WMA Voice is yet another lossy codec that offers benefits for low bandwidth applications. WMA Pro is quite popular among audio professionals, sound engineers, and music recording studios around the world.

How To Deal With Duplicate WMA Music Files?
Duplicates are inevitable worms that can adversely affect your digital life. Remember those music tracks that keep repeating all the time?

We understand that organizing a large music collection is not easy. When you download a new music online, or transfer/ sync your existing music from other devices, you may end up with a lot of duplicate junk that you truly don’t need. Duplicate WMA music files can occupy a significantly higher portion of your storage space, making your computer slower and running out of space at times. Moreover, if your music filenames are not set correctly, it may become significantly difficult to distinguish between the original and clone files. Thankfully, not all is lost. You can clean-up your music library for duplicates, and start afresh. A handy tool Clone Files Checker can fix these duplicates songs for you within a timespan of few minutes.
Follow the steps given below:
  • 1. Download Clone Files Checker from its’ official website.
  • 2. Double-click the downloaded setup, and follow the installer wizard.
  • 3. Once the installation is finished, CFC should run automatically.
    how to check WMA Duplicate files
  • 4. Click on the Add Folder option on the left.
  • 5. This will show up a dialog to select your folder. Choose a folder that contains your duplicate music files. The default music library folder path is given below. The actual path may differ depending on the music player software you use.
    how to check WMA Duplicate files
  • 6. Select the Custom > Music option in the CFC window to scan the music files. Not to forget, CFC also offers the ability to scan all files irrespective of their types using the All Files option.
    how to check WMA Duplicate files
  • 7. To ignore files larger than or smaller than the size of your choice, apply the file size filters. This is completely optional, though.
    how to check WMA Duplicate files
  • 8. Click on Start Search and the scan progress should appear on your screen.
  • 9. After finishing up, you’ll be prompted to choose one of the following options: Quick-Fix and Review & Fix.
    how to check WMA Duplicate files
  • 10. To get a complete list of all duplicates found along with basic details about each file, use the Review & Fix option.
  • 11. You’ll now be able to see all files list, mark the files of your choice to delete/ move. With the Select Duplicates button, you can bulk select files using a criteria of your choice.
    how to check WMA Duplicate files
  • 12. Click on Select Action, and choose whether to delete or move your duplicate music files to a new folder.
    how to check WMA Duplicate files
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