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The most useful shortcuts I've ever used in Office

The most useful shortcuts I've ever used in Office

What powerful shortcuts have you ever used?
There are 2 shortcuts in the office that are very powerful.

That is a shortcut with the same function in PPT, Excel, and Word.

F4 in Office = repeat the last command or keystroke you just did.

What does that mean? For example, if I enter "To be or not to be, that is a question", and then I press F4, the sentence "To be or not to be, that is a question" will be automatically entered again.

So "F4" is equivalent to the function of Copying, Pasting, Aligning and Format Painter.

Copy and Paste
As I mentioned above, after we enter a paragraph, and if you want to input the text repeatedly in any part, you can use "F4". F4 is a perfect replacement of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. The most important is in the process of copying and pasting, you copied content is the same as your original content, including the content format and style.

Format Painter
As it’s the repetition of the last action, first use the format painter, then press "F4" to easily change the font, font color.
A particularly useful feature is to highlight the key points:
Step 1. Bold "Sometimes" and change it to red
Step 2. Select other important content and press "F4".

F4 also has a significant advantage in doing table work. For example, if we want to insert five rows into the table, what should we do?
Step 1: Right-click on the Insert
Step 2: Press F4 repeatedly

P.S. Don't forget that this fantastic F4 is also valid in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

It is a fantastic skill in Excel. The official names it "Flash Fill". If you are used to it, even if you don't know how to use the formulas in Excel, you can also deal with the forms in work, that will make you feel like opening the door to the new world (Office 2013 and above).

It has the following features:

Connection, merge data from cells A, B, C into a single cell

Split, - split the data from cell A to B, C

Replace, insert/replace/delete data in cell A

Segmentation display numbers or encryption, segment or hide part of the phone number in cell A

Besides these examples, Ctrl + E can also support many functions, such as extracting and reordering characters, or extracting date numbers from the BookingNumber, etc. Because Ctrl + E is based on comparing the relationship of the strings to infer the filling rules that are required by users. So as long as you input more results in the column, the results will be more accurate.

Want more?
Using Flash Fill in Excel
Training video: AutoFill and FlashFill

Besides these two shortcuts that I think the most powerful in Office, I finally recommend another shortcut key, that I most frequently used.
Ctrl + S / Alt + F -> S Quick Save
I use it once every 10 minutes, so no matter what happens to the system crash, I never worried about my document content was not saved. Ctrl + S is useful, but I prefer to use Alt + F -> S, only one more step, compare to Ctrl + S, Alt + F is much easier to press, and it also supports almost all software; however, Ctrl + S does not support some software.

Three major problems that plague humans
Does the universe have an edge?
Does time have an end?
What is the last row in Excel?
The last question was finally solved one day by an American guy.
It lasted more than 9 hours,
Finally, he found the last row of Excel through manual tech skill.
The Last Row is Row 1048576

But I will tell you use "Ctrl + ↓" in Excel.
One second to get this result.

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