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Top 10 Software for Data Analytics

Top 10 Software for Data Analytics

It’s now much easier than it’s ever been to access data in order to improve your company’s performance. This information helps you make better decisions, understand and match market trends, and improve your operations. Because there’s so much data, however, it can be difficult to analyze it without spending hours on the task. We’ve compiled the top 10 data analytic software options that will take over this task for you and with just a few clicks give you insightful information on your business operations.

1. Microsoft HDInsight

Microsoft HDInsight

This is a Spark and Hadoop cloud-based service with two big data analytics options: Standard or Premium. There is a large-scale cluster that allows you to run big data analysis. Its main features which make it so popular are the reliability of the tool as an industry leader, security of data and monitoring, protection of assets and good data governance, a high productivity platform, and finally integration with multiple other applications.

2. Sisense


This is a software that is robust and makes data analytics accessible to specialists and regular business users. It simplifies the analytical process with easy-to-use features and tools and provides insights without any coding or aggregating modeling needed. The self-service analytics software includes personalized dashboards, excellent visualizations which you can interact with, and much more. The dashboard in particular allows you to get actionable data information in just a few clicks of a button. To find out if this tool is right for your business, sign up for a free trial and test out its features.

3. Looker


This platform allows users to query the system using layman and business terms and provides the data in an easily digestible format. It’s a browser-based solution that makes your data more accessible within your other systems and you can share it easily with the team. You can also export the information to other systems. Looker is another tool that has a free trial option which is perfect for seeing how it meets your needs.

4. Tableau


Theresa May, a marketing writer at Essayroo and Academized, explains that “Tableau makes data more readable and actionable to its users. You can perform analyses quickly on the spot and transform them into interactive visual graphics. Tableau is used by small business owners and global enterprises alike.”

5. Panoply


This software has an automated platform for data management which means of all the options on the list, it provides results the quickest. There is no coding or development needed to manage your data, so your requests for analytics will be returned 100 times quicker to make rapid-fire business decisions.

6. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

Known to some from its days as Zoho Reports, this platform has numerous useful components like KPI widgets, tabular views, and pivot tables so your reports will be very readable and actionable. This is a great collaborative tool which allows colleagues to work on an analysis together. Zoho Analytics has some of the best security practices of all the options which includes encryption.

7. Yellowfin


Yellowfin offers data-driven predictions in many different visualization options, and like many of the other options, it has comprehensive features, collaboration possibilities, and machine learning. You can access Yellowfin via your desktop or mobile device, and you can integrate it with your other software solutions.

8. Klipfolio


According to Edith White, a data analytic at OXEssays and UKWritings, “Klipfolio is also cloud-based and lets you use your data for any visualization then share with when and where you wish. It also has pre-built templates, custom charts, dashboards, and more. Klipfolio is used by countless companies to run data analytics for business decisions.”

9. Domo


Domo is more than data analytics software because it actually provides an entire digital environment for data, systems, and people. There is real-time data refresh and data preparation capabilities which is transformed into work for your employees. You can even share and collaborate on data with external partners to increase your company’s productivity. Because the platform comprises of 7 components, all of your tools work together for an easier integration.

10. Chartio


Chartio is another cloud-based solution which is well-known for its quick and beautiful visualizations. It’s simple to set-up and use, and your entire team can view the data and interact with it without a need for coding knowledge. Start on a free trial to make sure it’s the right option for you.

Creativity coach Chloe Bennet is a content manager at Coursework Writing and Custom Essays UK. She often contributes to various digital magazines and publication. Chloe teaches writing skills at University Assignment Help.
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