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  1. Lightworks
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  3. iMovie
  4. Shotcut
  5. OpenShot
  6. Corel VideoStudio
  7. VEGAS Pro
7 Best Free and Discount Video Editing Software for Home Users

7 Best Free and Discount Video Editing Software for Home Users

Sometimes, we need to do some simple video editing work, so we usually use some popular video editing software such as Premiere, Corel Video Studio, Edius, etc. But you know these programs have a problem, the price is too much, so we’ll first to choose the Freeware, and then the discount product. I list some free and easy to use Video editing software here.


Lightworks is a Freeware that supports many devices (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle, etc). It is often recommended by video enthusiasts. According to the official user guide, the only difference between the free version and the paid version is that the free version can only export 720P video.


HitFilm 3 Express
HitFilm 3 Express is a FREE video editing software that has become popular recently. It’s the most good to use video editing program in the similar Freeware. Its free version not only provides easy video editing features but also offers Dynamic Tracking, Color Correction and many other features that are provided by other similar professional products. It also provides nearly 100 special effects. Of course, you can also get new effects and cutscenes through in-app purchases.


iMovie’s features are not prominent as Movie Maker, but iMovie is a Freeware and has no learning curve, so if you have a mac or iPhone, you can make the simple video editing work by this product.


It is a pure 100% free and open source video editing software. It does not have any functional limitations, but its features are less than other similar products. It is recommended for Windows users.


OpensShot used to be a popular video editing software under Linux. It only provides some simple video editing functions, and now it supports both Windows and Mac. It’s not prominent in many excellent video editing software. The only Highlights, we can say are 100% free and across three platforms. It’s okay to use if you temporarily use it.

For all mentioned FREE video editing programs I mentioned above, I want to say I’ve referred to many user reviews and tested them all by myself. As video editing is a skill that need we spend time to learn, so I recommend these simple and easy-to-use freeware just because all these programs have no learning curve. But if you want to make an excellent pro video, I recommend you directly go to the paid product, because these professional products are much more powerful, so it’s worth to spend a time on the learning curve. I’ll introduce you two popular home video editing software that are recommended by users.

Corel VideoStudio
This product is designed for the home users, very easy to get started, provides more than 2,000 special effects (ultimate version). It’s enough for you to add an animation or some effects when you edit a video.

If you want to be a video editing professional, then the VEGAS Pro (as well-known as Premiere) is a good choice. Its features are powerful enough, and it’s much easy to get a start than high-level professional products.
The most good to users' point is that it provides rich classified versions, from $49.99 to $799, a total of 7 versions, so you can start from a beginner and improve your professional skills with the professional features, as well as your cost.
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