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How to work efficiently from home during COVID-19 pandemic

How to work efficiently from home during COVID-19 pandemic

Facing COVID-19 pandemic, how to improve work at home efficiency during COVID-19 pandemic?

01 Create an environment where you can concentrate on your work

work from home
An independent work area is essential to work at home. If there is a study in your house, it can be used as a work area directly. If there is no study space, a work area can be reconstructed from the corner of the dining room, living room, or bedroom.

02 A sense of ritual to work from home

A sense of ritual to work from home
The home living environment is comfortable with making you lazy. Even if you work at home, you should keep the same time as getting up and starting work. Don't disturb the original rhythm of work and rest.

03 Make a daily work plan

to do list from everyday
When you're alone at home, it's easy to forget what you want to do without the supervision of the leader and the reminders of colleagues.

So before starting work every day, make a to-do list for the day, and make clear your work tasks for the day.

With iTaskX on Mac, know what you're up to
For Windows, you can use EssentialPIM Pro

04 Choose handy office tools

handy office software
Now there are many online&cloud services, which are also practical tools to improve the efficiency of the home office.

To make you work at home more efficiently, ColorMango has the following right software for you.


Improve communication efficiency through software
Efficiency software

Slack can be said to be the best service to reduce communication interference in team collaboration. Through slack's channel, reply, and notification system, the interruption of group communication can be minimized, and at the same time, essential tips can be well noticed.
Slack Official Site

Microsoft Teams
Today, Microsoft announced the consumer edition of Microsoft Teams. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the user of Microsoft Teams has increased unprecedentedly. Now, the number of active users of teams has exceeded 44 million every day, increasing by 12 million in the past seven days. These users generated over 900 million meetings and call logs on teams every day this week.
Microsoft Teams Official Site


Provide users with cloud video call service with HD video conference and mobile network conference. Users can communicate with their working partners through mobile phones, tablets, PCs.
Zoom Official Site

Provide audio and video integrated network conference, teleconference, remote training, live network products, as well as online demonstration, free testing, online training, after-sales service.
WebEx Official Site

LogMeIn is offering healthcare providers, educational institutions, non-profit organizations access to its video conferencing tools, including GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.


In daily life, many collaborations may rely on face-to-face communication; in remote work, we should pay attention to the use of tools for collaboration - Online Document Collaboration.
Collaboration software
Wrike is a cross-platform task and project management tool, which integrates many third-party services, and is suitable for marketing, product development, project management, team leadership, and other scenarios. It is free for five users, ideal for small teams.

Quip is a standard document collaboration platform.
Quip Official Site

Confluence itself has a powerful ability of customization, especially for the management of permissions, which is very suitable for large teams to collaborate. Among all the comparison platforms, it supports the most charts, and many large companies use Confluence as the document collaboration platform.
Confluence Official Site

A simple and fast prototype design tool. It is suitable for software teams and individuals to use in software development.

Google G Suite
Google G Suite, composed of Gmail, Cloud Drive, Calendar, Chat, Documents and other productivity applications, has over 2 billion active users.
G Suite Official Site


A lot of communication in daily work is based on project management. If tools can replace this part of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Management software
MeisterTask Pro
Meistertask supports mobile, web, PC, and Chrome plug-ins. Meistertask is conducive to real-time communication of teamwork, and in the way of software login, it also supports office365 account login.

A necessary project management tool. Provide clear methods to break down projects, establish schedules, allocate resources and manage budgets, control resources, and finance, and track the projects.


Basecamp is one of the oldest project management and collaboration tools based on the web. 150000 companies are using Basecamp, which is undoubtedly one of the most successful projects management tools.
BaseCamp Official Site

In addition to the efficiency software mentioned above, the following software can also improve your work efficiency.

Nitro Productivity Suite – PDF Editor

PDFelement - PDF Editor

ABBYY FineReader – PDF Editor

WPS Office – Office Tool

DEVONthink Pro – File Management Tool

Microsoft 365 – Office Tool

The above is the relevant software that I recently used when I worked from home, which has dramatically improved my work efficiency, so I'd like to share it with you today, hoping to help you.

Finally, I hope that society will be stable as soon as possible and the COVID-19 is coming to an end.

Find more office tools to improve your work efficient at home: https://www.colormango.com/business/office-tools/
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