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VIPRE Antivirus Plus

  • VIPRE Antivirus Plus
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Top-rated antivirus software with the highest-rated and advanced active protection.

If your computer is running slow, having failed internet connection, system crashes, and restarts, the application won’t start. Those are the common warning signs of having a virus on your computer. VIPRE Antivirus Plus protects your devices from online threats with advanced active protection. No matter if it’s common ransomware or other unprecedented nefarious malware attacks, VIPRE Antivirus Plus could be one of the best solutions to keep you safe from them.
  • "Good performance on malware blocking"
  • "Good performance on threats protection"
  • "Provides extra bonus tools"
  • "Affordable Price"
  • "No built-in firewall and malicious Web site scanner"

Customer Reviews

Comments (12)
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  • I just got the product and it is an easy-to-install software as promised. I find that it is much simpler than my previous antivirus program. Love it!!!
  • I appreciate it! Vipre helps me remove 3 trojan viruses. It protects my PC well. I feel lucky installing the software. It could work in the background and this ensures no influence to my computer speed. Everyone should have such a wonderful antivirus program I think. I suggest Vipre antivirus 2014. It is for lifetime use!!!!
  • The full mark is 5 stars, and I will give the Vipre 4 stars for I only use it for a short time. But until now it is still very wonderful for me. Previously, I used avast, but I was not very satisfied with their service. As for this product, the installation is very easy and the customer service is really helpful. Some other companies promise they will deal with our problems asap, but after a while they just tell me to have an update.
  • This product is so good, beyond my expectation. It is worth my paying. Many thanks to the software! And I received it very quickly - before the delivery date. I feel lucky having this security program.
  • From my experience, I think this security product consumes the lowest memory/CPU usage. Its protection is very reliable, I’ve used it for several years. Everything works well. No virus/malware ever intrudes in, even in the most hostile environments. I got the 10 pcs 1 year license. This is very worthwhile. You will never get another equally strong protection with the same price. But you should pay attention to one thing – you can only get 1 activation keys for 10-times use, and the 10 activations begin their countdown from the first activation.
  • This product is very popular on the market. I’d like to buy one more. It’s worth my investment.
  • There are so many antivirus programs on the market. I’ve ever used some of them, but no one satisfies me. Someone recommended Vipre to me. I think this one is the most excellent. And it works well on my Apple! Stop viruses on my Apple efficiently.
  • I have been using Vipre for a long time, and it just works very well. It never makes my system crash and is very trustworthy. Before Vipre, I used Norton. It was not good for me. It usually broke my system down. Besides, it worked very slowly to scan my system. So I choose Vipre.
  • I had some problems with the installation for Vipre. So I contacted their customer service for help. They were very kind to me and helped me remotely install the program efficiently. I’m very satisfied with their friendly manner. Although I find that my computer works a little slow, I’m glad that the program works well.
  • I have only got one problem. That is, every time I want to visit a website, there comes a warning on this website. So I can only close the warning page. Sometimes feel really irritated about that.
  • It is the most satisfying antivirus program I’ve used. Its payment is for lifetime. You buy once, and can use it until you change computer. You don’t need to update it, it could be updated automatically every 30 minutes and every 2 hours it will perform a scan for your computer. It found many things my previous antivirus software never caught. Moreover, before you open an email the program will scan it first and tell you whether there is malware included. If it missed something, you can give them a phone call asking for help to remove it and it’s free of charge. In a word, this product is not very expensive and works very efficiently. I’m pleased with Vipre. It will be suitable for you as well.
  • It’s awesome. Work flawlessly on my computer and no influence to the working speed of my computer. It finds out almost all threats I encountered so far and removes them. I’m very satisfied with the program. Another point I like is its lifetime purchase. That is, if you buy it once, you don’t need to pay for the second time. That’s great! It’s very worthy.

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