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Some Best Entertainment Subscription Services for Family, save you more money!

Some Best Entertainment Subscription Services for Family, save you more money!

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In recent years, more and more developers prefer to the subscription plan instead of the traditional perpetual license to improve their service. Meanwhile, many developers Launch a new family subscription plan for the users. If your family members and you all need to buy the same product, choose the family subscription will save you much money. Here I list some useful and practical Apps or services, those provide the family subscription plan.

If there is anyone ask me which game consoles is the most popular, the answer definitely is Nintendo Switch. As the featured product, Nintendo launches a related subscription service – Nintendo Switch Online, that will let you enjoy more valuable membership services, includes:
1. Online Play in Games: If you don’t get this service, many games can only be played in a single player mode, like Splatoon™2, Super Smash Bros.™Ultimate, and Blizzard’s Diablo 3.
2. Free NES/FC games: If you joined the Switch Online membership, you could play NES / FC classic games through the Nintendo Entertainment System, and there will be more classic FC games added in 2019.
3. Save Data Cloud: This cloud backup service will help you backup game data to the cloud. If your Switch system needs to be reinstalled or something caused your data lost, this service can help you.
4. Smartphone App: This App allows to be connected to the compatible games through mobile phones, and then you can chat with other players in games. These compatible games include: splatoon2, ARMS etc.
5. Special Offers: Only Exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members. You can purchase some other Nintendo products at the discounted price, such as Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers, some Exclusive in-game gear download codes, etc.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership price is $3.99/month, $7.99/3 months, and $19.99/12 month. But the Family Membership price is only $34.99/12 months for up to 8 Nintendo Account holders, and each account bound to a Switch. If there are 8 users to pay for one Family Membership, each user only needs to pay $4.38/12 months, that cost a bit more than the Individual Membership $3.99/month. So just spend no more than $1.00, but get extra 11 months services. I think it’s worth to buy the Family membership subscription, only you need to do is to find 7 other users to join.

Setapp is a third-party App Store under MacOS system. Only the Subscription is available for the users. You can use all the software in Setapp for free during your subscription period. There are some excellent Apps, such as UIysses, iMazing, CleanMyMac, iState. Menus, betterZip, etc., There will be more good Apps added in the future.
Setapp single subscription fee is $9.99/month + VAT, including:
1. No need to pay for each App, once paid for the subscription, you can enjoy all the Apps.
2. No need to pay for the Apps upgrade, each application will always be at the latest version.
3. When Setapp Adds new Apps, no extra fees.

Setapp is quite encouraging users to choose the family subscription plan because the official website has made it clear that "We created Family plan for households, but you can invite your friends as well." The family owner can invite up to 5 members by email and can remove them from the family plan any time. The family subscription price is at $14.99/month, and there are more discounts for annual payments.

Please note that it should be noted that the invites should be sent by emails and the invitees need to be new to Setapp, you can’t add already registered customers to your family yet. The invitee can only use Setapp on one Mac, but the inviter's account can be logged in at the same time on two Mac and can purchase extra Macs. Setapp Family is you + up to 5 people = 6 people. According to 6 users, each user only needs to pay less than $3.00/month.

As a member of the Apple services, iCloud allows Apple users to synchronize and push data via wireless/wired. Any Apple users can sign up an Apple account and get 5GB cloud data storage space for free. However, for deep Apple users, 5GB is not sufficient, because usually taking photos when you are in trip will receive an indication that there is not enough space, so it is necessary to purchase additional storage space.

The Apple iCloud subscription plans are 50GB/$0.99/month, 200GB/$2.99/month, 2TB/$9.99/month. When you choose more than 200GB subscription plan, Apple provides a family sharing plan, which supports up to 6 family members to share the entire storage space, so that if many people use it together, that will improve the usage of iCloud. It's much more cost-effective than the 50GB subscription plan.

Apple music is a streaming music service that provides many kinds of music tracks, and all are sales verified by iTunes, so the iTunes charts are popular and widely used by music lovers.

Apple music single subscription price is $4.99/month, that is not the best price in many music subscription services, but its family subscription price is as low as $7.99/month, and it allows to be accessed for up to 6 people at the same time, so if you purchase the family subscription plan, the cost is only $1.33/month/people, and each family member can get the same service as the personal subscription plan, that includes:
1. A large number of music tracks, No Ads.
2. Download the music to iTunes and play offline.
3. Sharing of iTunes purchases.
4. Get exclusive and original music content
5. Play the music on many devices (windows, macOS, IOS, Android).

Spotify is a digital streaming music service. It provides millions of high-quality tracks and the precise music recommendation algorithm, which let users easily to find the right music. Its features include seamless play music between the platforms when you play music by phones, and then you want to play it continue at PC, that is very cool. Spotify provides FREE, and Subscription Plan, as for there are many limitations to the FREE Plan, we recommend the Subscription Plan, the personal subscription price is $9.99/month, which includes:
1. Play any track
2. Listen offline
3. No ad interruptions
4. High quality audio
5. Unlimited skips (Note: The free plan users can’t freely skip songs, only 6 times of skip songs in one hour, and can only play songs in random play mode)
The family subscription is only $14.99/month, and up to 6 family members can enjoy the same service as a personal subscription, so that is to say each member can cost less than $2.5/month.
Please note that Spotify Family subscription clearly states that "Get Premium accounts for you and up to five people who reside at your same address.", so that is to say only living the same address can join the family subscription plan and get the price as low as $2.5/month.

There are so many leaks of accounts, and many people set different passwords for the separate account to avoid all the personal privacy account to be illegally login by the hackers. This is much secure than set the same passwords for all accounts, but meanwhile, it brings another burden to remember all the passwords. For this problem, we need a tool to help us solve this problem.

1Password is one of the most popular password managers in the world. It is the most convenient password management software. It even provides many default categories to help you manage your passwords, which includes: Logins, Identities, Secure Notes, Software Licenses, Wallet, Accounts (various accounts such as FTP accounts, iTunes accounts, etc.)

1Password personal subscription price is $2.99/month, including:
1. Apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS
2. Unlimited passwords, items, and 1 GB document storage. (Secure documents: Your family gets 1 GB of encrypted storage for documents, which you can share and access securely from anywhere.)
3. 365 day item history to restore deleted passwords
4. Two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection
5. Friendly 24/7 email support
6. Travel Mode to safely cross borders (Remove sensitive data from your devices when you travel, and restore access with a click when you arrive)

1Password also provides a family subscription service, which can be accessed by up to 5 people at the same time. The price is as low as $4.99/month/5 people, so that is to say it’s less than $1/month/person, 34% discount off personal subscription price! Moreover, the family subscription version also provides a series of personalized services such as password sharing between home members. In shorts, 1Password family subscription offers more services than the personal subscription, and the price is even lower!

The Office series has always been known for its high price, and usually, we have to purchase for the updated version. In 2011, Microsoft launched the office365 online subscription service.

At present, the personal subscription price is $59.99/year, and the family subscription is only $79.99/year and allows up to 6 users to log in at the same time. That is to say, and each user just needs to pay less than $17/year to get the same services as the personal subscription, which includes:
1. Share with your entire family –for up to 6 people.
2. Premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access*
3. OneNote
4. For use on multiple PCs/Macs, tablets, and phones (including Windows, iOS, and Android).
5. 1TB OneDrive cloud storage each for each person
6. Ransomware detection and file recovery. Securely sync and share
7. Collaborate on documents with others online
8. Outlook.com advanced security, no ads, and 50 GB mailbox for up to 6 users
9. Skype free calls for 60 minutes per month
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