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6 Ways to Get Adobe Photoshop at The Best Price or Even Free  - 2022

6 Ways to Get Adobe Photoshop at The Best Price or Even Free - 2022

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Many friends have asked me how to buy genuine Photoshop at the lowest price or how to get a Photoshop discount. The cost of genuine Photoshop is $19.99/month (Annual, Prepaid US$ 239.88). After reading this article, you will find that you still have many ways to save more money.

For your convenience, I've investigated and summarized all the ways to get Photoshop discounts here for your reference and to share with friends.

If you only need basic photo editing tools, Adobe provides a free application called Photoshop Express. You can use Photoshop Express for free on your tablet or laptop.

It's pretty suitable for a free application, although it doesn't have many similarities with Photoshop. Instead, it is more like other quick photo editing applications like Snapseed and Google Photos' built-in applications.
Photoshop Express

Photoshop is not free. Only 7 days free trial.

Adobe will launch limited-time promotions for new users almost every month. So don't hesitate to place an order immediately if you meet Photoshop's deal.

In addition, if you choose to pay one year in advance when you subscribe, you can get one month's free Adobe Stock (10 free premium photos).

Although Adobe doesn't offer Photoshop student discounts separately or for students to use for free, students and teachers can get up to 65% discount in Creative Cloud All Apps, which includes all the tools of Adobe and only costs $19.99/mo.
Creative Cloud All Apps for Students and teachers

I just graduated from school. Can I still get a Photoshop education discount❓
After graduation, you can keep Adobe Creative Cloud within the "one-year grace period" specified by Adobe:

Graduates will receive an email notification about increasing prices 30 days before the renewal date. The education discount will not be available if the education status is not verified after the grace period.

Is there any way for anyone to get a Photoshop education discount❓
If there is a community college in your area, you can sign up for one of your favorite courses and become a real student (please ask if you can buy educational products in advance)

There are also many courses on the Internet that allow you to become a student, such as:
Enroll in Adobe Certified Logo Core Logo Design Course (starting from $80), and you will be eligible as a legal student. Then, you can get 65% off Creative Cloud All Apps for Students and teachers within one year, saving you about $385.

Adobe Certified LogoCore logo design course

Adobe provides a lot of Plans for different users. For example, Photography Plan includes the complete functions of Photoshop. You can see their difference from the following figure and decide which plan to subscribe to.
Photography and Photoshop Plan Compare
Subscribe to Photography Plan

There is a small discount, you can try it.

Free use for 2 months
When you want to cancel your subscription to Photoshop, Adobe will try its best to keep you. At this time, Adobe will send you 2 months for free use.

The specific steps are as follows:
Click Cancel Subscription on the Adobe account page, and Adobe will collect why you canceled your subscription. Please select' Price,' and you will probably get a free subscription for 2 months after confirmation. You can contact Adobe customer service to apply if you don't get it.

Adobe Quarantine Discount
Adobe offers a "quarantine discount" and gives it away for 2-3 months for free to help those affected by coronavirus disease.

You can get a discount by chatting or calling the support phone, stating that the reason is COVID-19.
Contact Adobe Customer Support

Photoshop Element
Photoshop Element

Since Adobe launched Creative Cloud in 2011, Photoshop canceled the lifetime license and became a monthly/annual subscription fee.

At the same time, Adobe has introduced Photoshop Element, which is known as the simplified version of Photoshop. It supports layers and many standard functions and tools. You can try it first and buy the lifetime version if it meets your needs.

Difference between Photoshop Element and Photoshop
1. Different uses
Photoshop Element is a new solution introduced by Adobe after Photoshop, mainly used for image editing, photo retouching, and Web graphics.
Photoshop is primarily used for image processing software.

2. Different functions
Photoshop Element has new features such as simple and quick operation mode, intuitive effect preview, integration of intelligent image processing, etc. The software is designed for amateur photographers, photographers, and business users, so you can easily retouch photos without much professional knowledge.

Photoshop mainly deals with digital images composed of pixels. With its numerous editing and drawing tools, it can effectively edit pictures. Photoshop has many functions, including images, graphics, text, video, publishing, etc.

If you only do simple graphics processing, there are other graphics processing software that may replace Photoshop.

Although it will take a lot of time to try them out, it is a way to get rid of the monthly payment.

Look for more alternative software:
Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives in 2022

Can I find cheap Photoshop on e-commerce websites?
I have searched on Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy, and other e-commerce websites. Unfortunately, since Adobe changed to the subscription plan, the price is the same as on the official website.
I see Photoshop on some 3rd party online store websites, which is very cheap. Can I buy it?
No, because you will receive ancient versions or pirated versions.


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If you know some other good options to get Photoshop at a low price, share them with us in the comments below!
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