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5 Ways to Get CCleaner Pro's Best Price [up to 57% Off] 2023

5 Ways to Get CCleaner Pro's Best Price [up to 57% Off] 2023

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CCleaner is Piriform's most famous PC cleaning and optimization software and is also the company's flagship and initial product. It is small in size, fast in scanning, and powerful to expand custom cleaning rules.

CCleaner is mainly used to clear junk files that are no longer used by Windows systems to make more hard disk space available. Its other function is to remove users' online records. It can clean up temporary folders, history records, recycle bins, etc., and scan and clean up the junk items in the registry. It comes with a software uninstall function.

I'm a big fan of CCleaner, and I've been using CCleaner for over 5 years. Here's a summary of my experience buying genuine CCleaner at a low price over the years. So follow me and buy it, absolutely right.
The following Pricing Plan is the biggest discount you could get for each license.
  • 1 Year / 1 PC (Official Store)
  • $14.22
  • -53%

💡 Low-cost Way

CCleaner Discount Coupon

CCleaner releases the discount code from time to time, and the discount range is 10%-50% off. However, according to the analysis of the ColorMango discount database, a 10% or 40% discount is more common. Moreover, in the past two years, the discount has gradually increased, reaching 53% at the highest, so you can buy more than 30% discount with peace of mind, which is cost-efficient.
How to Activate the Discount Code?
Simply select your desired license, and copy the coupon code.
Step 1: Click 'Get Deals' and copy the coupon code
Activate CCleaner Pro Discount Coupon
Step 2: The coupon Code has been activated
Activate CCleaner Pro Coupon

E-commerce/Trust Store

Trust Store is also a good choice when the official website has no deal. These e-commerce websites I chose can ensure the purchase is 100% safe and refundable.
CCleaner Professional1 PC / 1 Year
Official Discount$17.97
Amazon -
However, G2A and KingUin belong to individual sellers, and the license source is unknown. Therefore, If the price gap is not too big, I recommend you make an order on the official site with a coupon code.


After my investigation, the official website didn't mention the non-profit discount. Still, I found in a 2015 after-sales support of CCleaner Cloud that CCleaner can offer non-profit discounts privately, but you need to contact them directly.

CCleaner Volume Discount

Except for the 5 devices license provided by CCleaner, CCleaner doesn't offer more volume discounts. So if you have a large volume of commercial demand, you can choose CCleaner Cloud, which costs an average of $20/computer.
Get CCleaner Cloud

Renewal Discount

I don't recommend the automatic renewal of any subscription products because, according to the official statement, the renewal is at the original price. So you can completely cancel the purchase and then rebuy it at a discount, which is the best way to renew it.
ColorMango reminds you that CCleaner needs to cancel the automatic renewal 30 days in advance. So don't forget to cancel it in advance.

How to Cancel CCleaner Auto-Renewal❓
Go to Options > About > License Information to manage your subscription.
Cancel CCleaner Subscription

🚫 CCleaner Student Discount

I didn't find the educational discount on the official website, and it has been confirmed that CCleaner doesn't offer academic or student discounts.

Refund Policy⚠️

CCleaner provides a 30-day refund, and it is unconditional. If your situation meets the Refund Policy, you will get a refund.

💡 Free to use CCleaner

CCleaner Free Alternatives

As CCleaner involves modifying the system, I don't recommend using free PC system clean software, which may cause some strange errors.
If you don't want to spend money, you can use CCleaner Free for basic optimization. However, the main functions of CCleaner Pro have expanded from basic optimization to software uninstallation and privacy protection.
Get CCleaner Free
CCleaner Free

In this post, you can see some recommendations for free CCleaner alternative products:
BleachBit - Open source free PC Cleaner
Bulk Crap Uninstaller - Open source free Uninstaller (recommend)

🚫 CCleaner Free Key

License Key: I have tried the so-called License Key provided by some web pages, and all of them are invalid, so you don't need to spend any more time trying.
Crack File: Please don't try these cracked files mentioned on Youtube. Cracking files has great risks and may leak your computer privacy and cause property damage.

💡 Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCleaner Professional Plus❓
Compared with CCleaner Pro, CCleaner Pro Plus has more functions: File Recovery, Hardware Inventory, and supports Android and Mac devices.

Can I get CCleaner Pro for free❓
No, CCleaner Pro only offers a 14-day free trial. You can use CCleaner Free for free.

Does CCleaner offer a lifetime license❓
No, CCleaner doesn't provide a lifetime license anymore. Instead, CCleaner is an annual subscription software now.

Best Price & Biggest Discount Check List
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  3. To Find the Best Price on Amazon - 🚫Not Available
  4. To Find the Best Price on Google Shopping - 3rd party, unknown genuine or not
  5. To Find the Cheap Price on Reddit - 🚫Crack version May Contain Viruses
  6. To Find the Coupon on YouTube - 🚫Crack version May Contain Viruses
  7. To Find the Education/Nonprofits License - Found and listed below
  8. For Free
  9. To Find the 'Free to Get' Method on Google - 🚫May Contain Viruses
  10. To Find the S/N Code on Youtube - 🚫May Contain Viruses
  11. To Find the 'Free to Get' on Reddit - 🚫May Contain Viruses
  12. To Find the Giveaway - 🚫Expired
  13. To Find the Free Alternative - Found and listed below
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