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  1. 💡Get Dropbox Free Storage
  2. Get FREE Referral Space - Up to 32GB
  3. Complete Tasks - Up to 375MB
  4. Dropbox Storage Space Promotions - Up to 100GB
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Get Dropbox Free Storage Completed Tips and Save Money - 2023

Get Dropbox Free Storage Completed Tips and Save Money - 2023

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Dropbox is a powerful cloud storage service, but its price may be a deterrent for some people. However, there are a few ways to help you purchase Dropbox at a cheaper price.
👉Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage space. If you need more space, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan through several cost-saving methods listed below.

💡Get Dropbox Free Storage Completed Tips

Get FREE Referral Space - Up to 32GB

If you have a Dropbox basic account, you and your friend will both receive 500MB of storage space for each friend you invite to sign up for Dropbox.
If you have a Dropbox Plus, Family, or Professional account, you and your friend will both receive 1GB of storage space for each friend you invite to sign up for Dropbox.
Overall, through referrals, a Dropbox basic account can receive up to 16GB of storage space, and Dropbox Plus, Family, and Professional accounts can receive up to 32GB of storage space.
How to get the Free referral storage space
Please invite your friends to join Dropbox on the referral page. If they complete the following actions, both you and your friend will receive additional storage space:
1. Accept your invitation to sign up for a Dropbox account.
2. Install the Dropbox desktop app.
3. Login from the desktop app.
4. Verify their email address.

Complete tasks to get free Dropbox storage - 375MB

Dropbox offers some simple tasks that allow you to earn extra storage space by completing them. These tasks are generally straightforward, such as watching Dropbox's usage guide, following Dropbox on Twitter, and so on. You can see the task list on this page (friendly reminder: you need to log in to see it):
1. Watch Dropbox's usage guide (a cute comic guide worth watching) and get 250MB of free Dropbox space after finishing.
2. Give feedback to Dropbox and get 125MB of free Dropbox space. It is said that good feedback will receive additional rewards.

Dropbox Storage Space Promotions- Up to 100GB

If you have recently purchased a new device or created an account with one of the following companies, you may be eligible to redeem promotional storage space on your Dropbox account
- Dell: 100GB, 12 months
- HP: 100GB, 12 months
- Lenovo: 100GB, 6 months
- Chromebook: 100GB, 12 months
- Pixlr: 25GB, 6 months
- Upwork: 20GB, 6 months
This promotion is time-limited with a validity period of 6-12 months, after which it will no longer be possible to continue uploading files to the additional space. To learn about the detailed steps for redeeming the promotion or to view the specific terms of the promotion, please click on one of the options above.

💡Score the Best Price

Apply for a Student Discount - 20% OFF

Dropbox offers a student discount program that allows students to purchase Dropbox at 20% off the regular price. However, this discount is only available for Yearly Billing. If you are a student, you can verify your student status to get the discount.
(As of the moment the discount we do offer is for yearly billing you can save up to 20% off depending on the plan you choose. )
How to Apply the Student Discount?Contact Dropbox Sales Team.

Subscribe to Dropbox Family Plan and share the cost - Upto 70% Off

  • Plus (2TB, 1 User, Billed Yearly): $119.88 / year
  • Plus (3TB, 1 User, Billed Yearly): $199.00 / year
After Sharing
Family Plan (2TB, Upto 6 Users, Billed Yearly): $203.88 / year
  • 1TB/User: $101.94 / year (2 Users)
  • 666 GB/user: $67.96 / year (3 Users)
  • 500 GB/user: $50.97 / year (4 Users)
  • 400 GB/user: $40.78 / year (5 Users)
  • 330 GB/user: $33.98 / year (6 Users)

Dropbox supports up to 6 accounts. So, you can purchase the Family plan with 2-5 people, and each person can pay only $33.98 / year. The capacity can be up to 330 GB (Up to 70% off), which is very cost-effective. P.S.

Is there a privacy concern with shared accounts❓
No, everyone gets their own private account.

Use tools to integrate all free cloud storage

There is another software on the market that can help you integrate all the cloud disks you own, such as:
1. MultCloud2. CloudHQ
3. FreeFileSync (Free)
4. RaiDrive (Free)
5. GoodSync

If you add up all the free cloud disk space on the market, it is at least hundreds of GBs.
However, although the space is free, most of these software tools are not cheap.
In addition, these types of software do not have the convenience of automatic backup functions that various cloud disks have built in. They require self-configuration and testing, so they are only recommended for people with higher IT skills to purchase and use.
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