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All Way to get Freepik Best Deals (20% OFF) - 2023

All Way to get Freepik Best Deals (20% OFF) - 2023

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FreePik is a website that provides high-quality photos, vector images, illustrations, and PSD files. The content is uploaded by designers and carefully curated for publication. The visual appearance of the materials is trendy and beautiful, and there are also many EPS/PSD design files that can be used for secondary modification. It is an excellent resource for designers and worth bookmarking.

I researched the prices of FreePik across the internet, and currently, the most cost-effective way to purchase FreePik is by using a discount code. For regular users, it is most beneficial to use a discount code to purchase the Individual plan, which can save up to $29. Team users can save up to $794.89 by purchasing the Team Yearly plan. Additionally, besides the prices, it is important to note that cancelling automatic renewal should be considered before making a purchase.

💡Score the Best Price

The following Pricing Plan is the biggest discount you could get for each license.
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  • Premium - 12 months
  • $143.88
  • -
  • Premium - 1 month
  • $23.99
  • -
  • Ultimate - 12 months / 5 seats
  • $173.88
  • -
  • Ultimate - 1 month / 5 seats
  • $28.99
  • -

Discount Code - 20% Off

Get 20% OFF FreepikCurrently, the main way to get discounts on Freepik is through discount codes. You can save 20% off on all FreePik plans.

  • Premium 12 months Plan: Original Price: $143.88 Discounted Price: $115.10
  • Ultimate 12 months Plan: Original Price: $173.88 Discounted Price: $139.10

  • E-commerce/Trust Store 🚫
    In addition to official promotions, ColorMango also investigated third-party software stores, but none of these platforms sell Freepik.
  • eBay - Not Available
  • Google Shopping - Not Available
  • Kinguin - Not Available
  • G2A - Not Available
  • Stacksocial - Not Available

  • How to Pause Freepik Subscription❓

    Pause Freepik Subscription, save more money.
    If you are not currently using Freepik, you can choose to pause your subscription. Annual subscriptions can be paused for up to 90 days. Access to both Freepik and Flaticon will be suspended during the pause period.
    The number of pauses is unlimited, but the total duration cannot exceed 90 days during the subscription period.
    Please pause and reactivate your subscription on My subscription page.
    Pause Freepik Subscription

    Which Freepik plan is the most cost-effective❓

    Freepik offers Premium and Ultimate plans:.
    More FeaturesMonthly price1 Year price
    UltimateUltimate videos
    Extended legal protection
    What reasons are there for purchasing the Ultimate Plan❓The advantage of Ultimate Plan over Premium Plan is that:
  • Ultimate videos
  • Extended legal protection

  • Freepik Refund Policy⚠️

    Request a refundFreepik offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have not downloaded any resources from Freepik.com or Flaticon.com, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date.

    How to apply for a Freepik refund❓
    Use your subscription email to apply for a refund on the Freepik support page.
    *selecting: Premium subscription/Refund/Current invoice

    Freepik Auto-Renewal⚠️

    Freepik Auto-RenewalFreepik membership plans are automatically renewed by default, and the amount charged will be the standard amount for the plan you have selected, without any discounts.

    After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to access Premium content or download additional resources. However, the materials you have previously downloaded can still be used in your design projects.
    Please note that if you cancel the automatic renewal, you cannot re-enable it.

    How to Cancel Freepik Subscription❓
    Cancel Freepik Subscription.
    You can cancel auto renewal of your subscription from the dropdown menu “My subscription” → "Cancel renewal”


    Can I use Freepik for free❓Yes, besides the material in the membership area, all the resources on Freepik are free to use! When using free resources, you can only copy the code provided by Freepik or indicate the source next to the picture. If the resources are used for articles, prints, or design works, the source must be attributed.
    Freepik Free vs Premium
    How many resources can I download on Freepik❓
  • Non-registered user: 3 downloads per day
  • Registered free user: 10 downloads per day
  • Subscribed user: 100 downloads per day

  • Does Freepik offer a student discount❓
    No, Freepik does not offer an education discount.

    Does Freepik have a renewal discount❓
    Freepik automatically handles subscription renewals, and the amount charged will be the standard price for the plan you have selected, no discounts.

    Can I purchase a lifetime license on Freepik❓
    No, Freepik does not offer a lifetime plan. Freepik is charged annually/monthly.

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    9. To Find the Education/Nonprofits License - 🚫Not Available
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