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Get GoodSync at the best Price (20% OFF) 2023

Get GoodSync at the best Price (20% OFF) 2023

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GoodSync is a well-known data file sync tool. Since its launch, it has been loved by many users. It is suitable for data backup and synchronization on Windows and Linux servers and is one of the few file backup software that can support the server level. In addition, it can do real-time data transfer between several devices and upload data only to transfer the changed data, which can effectively reduce the backup time, network consumption, and storage requirements. The security also performs well, so you don't have to worry about privacy data leaks.

I have searched all reliable channels, including - eCommerce stores, coupon code sites, forums, etc., and through this article, you can quickly learn how to get GoodSync for free or buy it at a low price.

💡Buy GoodSync at a low price

The following Pricing Plan is the biggest discount you could get for each license.
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🔥 GoodSync Discount Coupon (The only way to get a Low Price)

GoodSync Discount CouponGoodSync will offer official discount codes from time to time during the year, usually around 20% - 30% off, so you can wait a little bit for a few months if there is no discount and buy it as soon as it becomes available.

GoodSync Renewal Discount

The longer you buy GoodSync at one time, the bigger the discount you will get. I recommend buying it at least for 3 years because Auto-Renewal is at the original price. If you renew it every year automatically, you don't get a 25% discount, and you don't get an additional 15%-25% discount. The following Table will list the price difference between the one-time fee for different years and the auto-renewal.
GoodSync Renewal DiscountIf you're already subscribed to the plan, please make sure to cancel the Auto-Renewal option and wait for the discount to renew when it expires.

🚫 Invalid Discount Ways

🚫 Discount for StudentsGoodSync doesn't offer any Student Discounts.

🚫 Discount for Non-profits
GoodSync doesn't offer any Non-profit Discounts.

🚫 E-commerce Store / Trusted Site
Currently, GoodSync only provides an official channel (incl its affiliates). ColorMango did not find any other third-party resellers on any e-commerce website.

Refund Policy⚠️

Siber does not offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, only a limited refund. You may contact Siber via their Online Support to send a refund request. Please refer to Refund Policy for more information.

GoodSync Pros & Cons

💡 Get GoodSync for Free

Free Alternative to GoodSync

GoodSync has a Free version, but with many limitations - allowing a maximum of 3 GoodSync jobs, a Maximum of 100 files can be backed up or synced.
GoodSync FreeIf you want to have similar features for free, then the following 100% free open-source software is a good choice.

Local Sync
FreeFileSync - A free open-source file sync software tool that provides 3 synchronization backup modes (synchronize, echo, and Contribute), which can fully satisfy your local data synchronization needs. The downside is that it doesn't support mobile device data synchronization.

Syncthing - Also a free open source file synchronization software. Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Solaris, Darwin, and BSD systems. It supports synchronizing files between two or more computers in real-time. In addition, it can synchronize files between devices on a local network or between remote devices over the Internet. As for the disadvantages, the feedback from many users is summarized as follows: it is not as easy to install and run as other software, the interface options are quite user-unfriendly, it does not support iOS devices, and if you encounter an error report, you cannot easily get a solution, and you have to go to the GitHub forum for further help.

Cloud Sync
This kind of open-source software is 100% free, supports syncing on all devices, and has a large storage space. The only problem is that it is technically demanding and requires you to spend time learning, unlike common cloud drives that can be directly downloaded and run it

Nextcloud - 100% free, supports all platforms, no restrictions, and can build your own server.

Seafile Pro - It's free if there are no more than 3 Users. It supports AWS S3 and other kinds of cloud disk space.

🚫 GoodSync Free Key

I have searched the web and found no valid Free Key, only Crack File. But as data sync software, it must be crazy to use Crack File, which will only increase the risk of data file leakage.

💡 FAQs

GoodSync Free Trial vs Paid
Its free version works just fine, but GoodSync Free has obvious limitations on the number of sync jobs and synced files and the inability to sync mobile devices. You can unlock these features only after paying for them.
GoodSync limitations
GoodSync synchronizes only your own personal files and folders. It cannot back up system files and hidden files/folders. Nor can it back up your entire hard drive and partitions.

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  13. To Find the Free Alternative - Found and listed below
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