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  • 6 Easy Tricks to Get More Google Drive Storage for Free and Save Money in 2023

    6 Easy Tricks to Get More Google Drive Storage for Free and Save Money in 2023

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    If you require a large storage space, but the high price of Google Drive makes you hesitate, you can consider the following ways to obtain low-cost storage space.
    👉By default, Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage space, but you can expand your space by the following 5 methods.

    Apply for a student account - Free

    If you are a student and your school has applied to Google, you can get 30 GB - 100 GB of free space through your school's student account.
    Some schools may terminate your account access immediately after graduation. Before graduation, remember to backup/transfer important files to your other storage space.

    Get Google Play balance through Google Opinion Rewards - Free

    Google Opinion Rewards is a survey application launched by Google. Participants can earn Google Play balance by answering surveys. These balances can be used to purchase Google One. The reward amount varies but is usually between 0.1-1 USD.

    Subscribe to Google One and share the cost - Upto 70% Off

    • 100 GB: $19.99/year
    • 200 GB: $29.99/year
    • 2 TB: $99.99/year
    After Sharing
    • 1 TB/user: $49.99 (2 Users)
    • 666 GB/user: $33.33 (3 Users)
    • 500 GB/user: $24.99 (4 Users)
    • 400 GB/user: $19.99 (5 Users)
    • 330 GB/user: $16.7 (6 Users)
    Google One supports up to 6 accounts. So, you can purchase the Premium ($99.99/year) plan with 2-5 people, and each person can pay only $16.7 per year. The capacity can be up to 330 GB (Up to 70% off), which is very cost-effective.
    1. Although the space is shared, the content is private. As long as you don't share it indiscriminately, you don't have to worry about file leaks.
    2. Try to find your relatives or very close friends to participate in the sharing plan. Otherwise, annual collection may be a troublesome matter. But don't worry too much because the organizer can control the storage space size of each account.

    Purchasing through VPN (Turkey) - Upto 70% Off

    Approximate cost in USD
    • 5 TB: $7.7/month
    • 10 TB: $15.3/month
    • 20 TB: $30.7/month
    • 30 TB: $46/month
    Similar to subscribing to Netflix or buying Steam games at a low price, Google Drive can also be subscribed to at a low price through Turkey. The specific steps are as follows.
    (Video Tutorial)
    1. Use VPN to switch the IP address to Turkey.
    2. Switch the region of your Google account or register a new Google account.

    3. Pay and upgrade your storage space.

    Currently, I do not recommend this method because many people have encountered problems through the video and this Reddit post, such as inability to share space, inability to pay, etc.
    Moreover, unlike Netflix or Steam, once your Google Drive is full of important data, if policy changes occur, causing you unable to renew or transfer data, it will be a disaster.

    Subscribe to G Suite and get storage space

    • 30 GB: $6/month
    • 2 TB: $12/month
    • 5 TB: $18/month
    G Suite(Google Workspace) is a service launched by Google for enterprise users. It not only provides Google Drive storage space but also provides other office-related services.

    Use tools to integrate all free cloud storage

    There is another software on the market that can help you integrate all the cloud disks you own, such as:
    1. MultCloud2. CloudHQ
    3. FreeFileSync (Free)
    4. RaiDrive (Free)
    5. GoodSync

    If you add up all the free cloud disk space on the market, it is at least hundreds of GBs.
    However, although the space is free, most of these software tools are not cheap.
    In addition, these types of software do not have the convenience of automatic backup functions that various cloud disks have built-in. They require self-configuration and testing, so they are only recommended for people with higher IT skills to purchase and use.

    🚫Methods no longer work

    Some outdated methods are widely spread on YouTube and Reddit, but I have verified that these methods are no longer effective.
    • 🚫It is claimed that unlimited storage can be obtained through G Suite by paying only $12/month.
      However, the policy of G Suite was changed a year ago, and now this plan only offers 2TB of storage.
    • 🚫 It is claimed that creating dozens of drives through this tool can achieve unlimited storage expansion.
      Google has changed its policy, and using such methods may lead to Google canceling or shutting down your cloud drives, and even affecting your normal Google Drive account.

    These six methods are currently all low-cost ways to obtain Google Drive storage space on the market.

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