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[Cost Guide] Get iTopVPN at the Best Price with Exclusive Offer 2023

[Cost Guide] Get iTopVPN at the Best Price with Exclusive Offer 2023

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iTopVPN is a fast and free VPN that can protect privacy and access unlimited games, music, social media, and streaming media from anywhere in the world. iTopVPN uses military-grade encryption to encrypt all Internet traffic and hide the real IP from hackers and stalkers. iTopVPN provides more than 1,800 global network servers for users to choose from, provides TCP, UDP, and HTTPS connection protocols, and automatically enables Kill Switch. In addition, iTopVPN can defend against DNS attacks and provide IP-checking tools free of charge. iTopVPN can run on all Windows laptops and desktop computers.

ColorMango and iTop have been cooperating for many years, and you can get the best price of iTopVPN in ColorMango.

💡Get iTopVPN at the Best Price

The following Pricing Plan is the biggest discount you could get for each license.
  • iTopVPN most updated discount coupons (100% Working)
  • verified
  • Premium (1-month, 5 devices)
  • $7.18
  • -55%
  • Premium (12-month, 5 devices)
  • $40.27
  • -79%
  • 🔥Premium (24-month, 5 devices)
  • $36.41
  • -91%

ColorMango Exclusive iTopVPN Discount Coupons🔥

iTopVPN Discount CouponsColorMango has been cooperating with iTop for a long time, providing customers up to 86% off discounts.

Among iTopVPN plans, the most cost-effective plan is 2-years. In addition, using ColorMango's exclusive coupon code: iTopVPN30, can get up to 86% OFF discount, which is as low as $1.82 per month, and it is also the best-selling and the best deals on ColorMango.

But now iTopVPN is promoting a Halloween promotion, and the price of a 3-year plan is as low as $1.66 per month.

🚫iTopVPN Student/Non-profit Discount
iTopVPN does not currently offer discounts for students or non-profit organizations.

🚫iTopVPN Upgrade Discount
There is no official upgrade discount available for upgrading iTopVPN.

🚫E-commerce/Trust Store
After investigating popular e-commerce platforms (Amazon, G2A, Kinguin, etc.), you can only buy iTopVPN on the official website, and the exclusive discount for ColorMango is the lowest.

iTopVPN Refund Policy⚠️

iTopVPN offers a 30-day unconditional refund and supports full refund as long as it is within 30 days from purchase. You can't get a full refund if the 30-day refund period is exceeded. At this time, you can only get a partial refund. The iTop will calculate the cost of your actual use. After deducting these costs, the rest will be returned to you.
Case 1:
You applied for a refund after purchasing an iTopVPN 1-year license and using it for 20 days, and you can get a full refund.

Case 2:
After purchasing an iTopVPN 1-year license and using it for 6 months, if you apply for a refund, you can refund half of the fee.

If you need to apply for a refund, please contact and apply at iTopVPN Support.

iTopVPN Auto-Renewal⚠️

iTopVPN turns on auto-renewal by default. Therefore, when your subscription is about to expire, please pay attention to the price of auto-renewal and then come to ColorMango to compare the price of a new subscription. If the price of a new subscription is lower, it is recommended that you cancel auto-renewal first and then buy a new subscription at a discounted price after it expires.
In addition, once you cancel auto-renewal, you can't get a refund, so contact the manufacturer about 10 days before the subscription expires.

If you need to cancel the automatic renewal, please contact and apply at iTopVPN Support.

💡Free to use iTopVPN

iTopVPN free and paid plan compare
iTopVPN has a free version, offering PC users 700MB of free data daily and only 16 free servers. Please download iTopVPN on the iTopVPN Official Site directly to use it for free.
Download Free iTopVPN

iTopVPN Giveaway

ColorMango offers iTopVPN Free 1-month account for Windows/Android (activate 30 times) every month on ColorMango Giveaway, please come to check the giveaway around the 15th of every month.
How to activate iTopVPN Giveaway?
1. Download iTopVPN on the iTopVPN official site
2. Open iTopVPN and Click 'Mini Menu' in the up-right corner.
3. Click 'Log in' and enter the giveaway account in the txt file.
Activate iTopVPN Giveaway
Just remember to get it on iTopVPN Giveaway

iTopVPN Free Alternatives❓
I don't recommend using a free VPN app. However, I have tried almost all free VPNs, which differ from paid VPNs. The main problems are as follows:
1. Unstable. It may be good when you first use it, but it will be slower and slower. The reason is simple. More people use it for free, and the speed will slow down.
2. Be careful about privacy. Many VPN services claim free, but they may sell your data connection to others and contain many advertisements. Simply say, you may think these free VPNs can protect your online privacy, but your privacy is more threatened.

Build Zero-Cost VPN

Isn't there any free VPN worth using? That's not true. You can have your VPN at zero cost, but you must have computer skills.
I won't introduce the method in detail in this article.

How to build a private VPN
In just 2 Steps, you can own a 100% Free Private VPN.
1. Apply for free Hosting. Oracle Cloud is the most recommended.
2. Build your VPN
For the specific how-to page, you just need to watch this 9-minute video.


Is there a free version of iTopVPN❓
iTopVPN for Windows is free. iTopVPN offers unlimited free data for PC users.

Is iTopVPN free for students❓
No, iTopVPN has no student edition and no educational discount.

Does iTopVPN offer a lifetime license❓
At present, iTopVPN doesn't offer a lifetime plan.

Best Price & Biggest Discount Check List
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  3. To Find the Best Price on Amazon - 🚫Not Available
  4. To Find the Best Price on Google Shopping - 🚫Not Available
  5. To Find the Cheap Price on Reddit - 🚫No Result
  6. To Find the Coupon on YouTube - 🚫No Result
  7. To Find the Education/Nonprofits License - 🚫Not Available
  8. For Free
  9. To Find the 'Free to Get' Method on Google - 🚫May Contain Viruses
  10. To Find the S/N Code on Youtube - 🚫May Contain Viruses
  11. To Find the 'Free to Get' on Reddit - 🚫May Contain Viruses
  12. To Find the Giveaway - 🚫Expired
  13. To Find the Free Alternative - Found and listed below
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