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All Ways to Get iTubeGo Software Best Deal (77% OFF) - 2023

All Ways to Get iTubeGo Software Best Deal (77% OFF) - 2023

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iTubeGo provides tools for downloading videos and music audio from YouTube and other popular websites with fast speed, High-quality downloads, and various formats, making it one of the best YouTube downloaders available on the market.

This blog will list the best way to get iTubeGo products at the cheapest price, which is through the Official Site Discount Plus an Extra 30% off Coupon Code. Also purchase-related questions that you may have before purchase such as the 30-day conditional refund policy, how to change automatic renewal to manual renewal, etc.

💡Score the Best Price

The following Pricing Plan is the biggest discount you could get for each license.

ColorMango Discount - 77% OFF

iTubeGo provides an official discount of up to 60% off and ColorMango offers an additional 30% off coupon code, resulting in a total of 77% off, saving up to $70, which is the highest discount available online.
The purchase is made through the official website platform, ensuring secure payment and a guaranteed license and maintenance.

iTubeGo Official Discount + Extra 30% Coupon Code
ColorMango constantly offers 30% discount codes for iTubeGo products.
77% off iTubeGo YouTube Downloader - For users who need to download videos.
74% off iTubeGo Musify Music Downloader - For users who need to download music and audio.

For instance, iTubeGo Musify Music Downloader,
1. On the official pricing page, the Lifetime/1 PC Plan has a list price of $79.95 and an official 63% discount, making it available for $29.95.

2. On the same page, under the pricing section, you may enter the 30% off coupon code offered by ColorMango, and get it with a total of 74% discount, at $20.97.
iTubeGo Checkout

🚫E-commerce Store / Trusted Site
After searching, there are no available deals for iTubeGo on third-party e-commerce sites, so you can only get it through the official website.

🚫iTubeGo Student Discount
Currently, iTubeGo Official does not offer a discount specifically for students, and there is no related discount available on third-party websites such as StudentBeans.

🚫Volume Discount
No volume discount was found on iTubeGo Official Site.

🚫iTubeGo Holiday Discount
iTubeGo runs holiday promotional events like Christmas, but the deal might not be as good as the discounts obtained through coupon codes. So you may use the coupon codes on regular days to place orders without waiting for certain holiday promotions.


iTubeGo offers various plans for different needs, including several durations (monthly, yearly, lifetime) and multiple numbers of devices for both Windows and Mac. The most popular plan on ColorMango is the Lifetime / 1 PC license.
Let's take iTubeGo YouTube Downloader as an example,
iTubeGo YouTube Downloader Monthly Yearly Lifetime Family Lifetime
Device1 PC1 PC1 PC2-5 PCs
Discounted Price$6.97$17.47$20.97$27.97
Comparison--Best Valued*That’s like one year price + $3 only!-
From the comparison table above, you may see the reason why Lifetime / 1 PC license is one of the best sellers on ColorMango.
Lifetime/1 PC Price($20.97)= the price of 3* Monthly Plan = the price of Yearly plan plus $3 Extra!Plus, it includes Lifetime Free Upgrades!

Top Software

The Best SellersiTubeGo YouTube Downloader and iTubeGo Musify Music Downloader.
iTubeGo YouTube DownloaderBatch YouTube video downloader with a built-in web browser.
iTubeGo Musify Music DownloaderSupports downloading music audio and converting online videos to music files from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, MixCloud, and other popular websites.


You may always cancel your subscription.
Please keep in mind that once the order is renewed, it’s not refundable. So please don’t forget to cancel the subscription in time if you don’t need it for the next term.
If you use PayPal as the payment method, you can follow this guide to cancel the auto-renewal.

However, if you are not using PayPal, to change to auto-subscription, please provide your order information to the iTubeGo team (contact@itubego.com), and they will change it to a manual subscription for you.
The renewal price is based on the same discounted price as the first payment. Therefore, be sure to use the discount code when placing your first order, as it can save you a lot in the long term.

Refund Policy⚠️

iTubeGo Refund PolicyiTubeGo offers a 30-day money back guarantee for unsolvable problems with the software.
However, refund requests cannot be accepted for no reason or reasons such as 'I don’t want it,' etc.
Email the iTubeGo support team (contact@itubego.com) and provide your order number and the reason for the refund.


Free vs. paid❓The trial version is limited to some features, you may download it and try it before purchasing.
iTubeGo Free

Upgrade policy❓
Free upgrades are included after purchasing any plan.

Can I transfer the license to another computer❓
Yes, you can transfer the license to another computer by deactivating the software on the old computer and activating it on the new one. A single-user license is restricted to one single personal computer.

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