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Get Offline Explorer at the Best Price (35% OFF) 2023

Get Offline Explorer at the Best Price (35% OFF) 2023

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Suppose you are looking for a tool to help you download the entire website content for browsing or other purposes, especially if you need to crawl data from many web pages. In that case, Offline Explorer is a representative and industry-leading offline browsing tool that can download web pages in bulk or filter out unwanted content and only the specified content. The process is also quite straightforward, and no learning curve is required. You can free your hands with Offline Explorer and get the job done. Moreover, Offline Explorer Standard and Pro versions were updated to version 8.4 last week, which includes more updated new features.

This post is about how you can get Offline Explorer at the lowest price. So let's get straight to the point!

💡Follow the cost guide to get the Biggest Discount

The following Pricing Plan is the biggest discount you could get for each license.
  • Offline Explorer most updated discount coupons (100% Working)
  • verified
  • Standard, Single User Lifetime
  • $91.95
  • -
  • Upgrade with 50% discount
  • $45
  • -

Offline Explorer Discount Coupon From ColorMango 🔥

Offline Explorer Discount CouponAfter searching, ColorMango offers the Offline Explorer a maximum discount of 35% for both Standard and Pro versions. It can save you $32 if you get the Standard edition from ColorMango instead of paying the full price.

However, if you have a need to download YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, or other social media, or if you need to specify a certain size of web images to download, filter downloaded web pages by keywords in the content, or download data and print, then the Standard version is insufficient to handle these advanced features. The Pro version is what you need.

Using ColorMango's discount code to buy the Offline Explorer Pro version can save you $80 compared to the official price. Besides, the purchase is made through the official site, guaranteeing that the key you get is legit and secure.

How to Activate Offline Explorer Discount Coupon❓
All you need to do is select the license and click on "Get Deals" then it will direct you to the checkout page with the discounted price automatically. It doesn't require manually inputting any promo code for both Offline Explorer licenses.

🚫Offline Explorer Student/Non-profit Discount
Offline Explorer does not currently offer discounts for students or non-profit organizations.

🚫E-commerce/Trusted stores
I've looked online but didn't find any third-party trusted stores offering the lower-cost Offline Explorer licenses.

Offline Explorer Upgrade Discount

Offline Explorer Standard and Pro licenses are both for Single User Lifetime. After purchases, all the updates (e.g., v8 to v8.1, 8.2) are included for free. However, the upgrades like v8 to v9, and v10 require full re-registration. But the good thing is Offline Explorer provides a 50% upgrade discount, need info such as the name and email address that was used to purchase the old version of Offline Explorer to submit the upgrade-discount request.

Offline Explorer Editions Compare

Offline Explorer All Editions Discount CouponThe features that Offline Explorer Standard and Pro have are quite different. For example, pro has 30+ more features than the Standard version has, including the ability to open and save pages in browsers, able to auto-scroll pages before saving, works with YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram downloads, supports nested folders to organize projects, download statistics, able to print downloaded web sites, export to CHM, MHT, MAFF, Text only format, and a lot more. For detailed feature differences, please refer to the official comparison chat.

Offline Explorer Tech Info

Offline ExplorerProduct Tech Details
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic Indian, Vietnamese and more.
Money Back30-day money back guarantee. For detailed information, please contact Offline Explorer customer service.
ShippingFor online purchases, it should take less than 10 minutes to process and deliver to email.
LicenseSingle User License For a Lifetime

Offline Explorer Refund Policy⚠️

Offline Explorer comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. But in some cases may require the user to sign a letter of intellectual property destruction prior before receiving a refund.

Offline Explorer Pros & Cons

💡For Free

Offline Explorer Free Alternative

The following products are recommended as 100% free alternatives. All of them are simple to use web offline browsing applications.
Cyotek WebCopy - WebCopy is another totally free web crawler that supports changing the settings so that it will only crawl specified information according to your requirements. WebCopy has fewer options than HTTrack, but is very lightweight and can also download some of HTTrack's unavailable downloads. In fact, why not just use HTTrack and WebCopy together to cover more features and work better since they are both free?
Cyotek WebCopy

DownThemAll - An excellent browser plug-in that downloads all the links associated with the browser's current page through a single click. Another good feature about it is it won't get blocked by firewalls.

Instant Data Scraper - This browser add-on has the ability to analyze data intelligently, automatically extract and convert page data into CSV files, and it also provides an auto page flip function.
Instant Data Scraper

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  8. For Free
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