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  1. 💡Get OneDrive Free Storage
  2. E5 Developer Free Account - 5TB
  3. Student Account - 1TB
  4. Combine Multiple OneDrive - Unlimited Storage
  5. Use Microsoft Rewards Points
  6. Referral Bonus - 10GB
  7. Purchase From a New PC - 1 TB/1 Year
  • 🚫Methods used to work
  • Completed methods to Expand OneDrive up to 5TB (6 Free Ways) - 2023

    Completed methods to Expand OneDrive up to 5TB (6 Free Ways) - 2023

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    Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage, but OneDrive has superior security with PIN-protected folders and an offline Office suite.
    👉OneDrive's free account offers 5GB of storage and integration with Microsoft 365 apps. To increase the free storage beyond 5GB without paying for advanced plans, try the 6 tricks below.

    Apply Office E5 Developer Account For Free - 5TB Free OneDrive Space

    Here's a video tutorial that explains how to get Office E5 free account, including 5TB Free OneDrive Space, and other office popular apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams for free.
    Here's what you need to do:
    First of all, sign in Microsoft Developer Program with your Microsoft account. Then, fill in some detailed information like name, country, company, your primary focus as a developer, areas of Microsoft 365 Development that you are interested in, etc. After those steps, you can set up your Microsoft 365 E5 sandbox.

    After downloading and installing Office 365, switch to the E5 account you successfully applied for to use it. However, by default, OneDrive has only 1TB of storage, so you need to click on 'Setting' and manually edit '1024GB' to '5120GB' (See a video tutorial).

    Apply for a Student Account - Get 1TB OneDrive Free

    If you are a student, you can apply for a free account of Microsoft Office 365 A1, or Office 365 A3, then you can get a OneDrive Student Account with 1 TB of free space.

    Combine Multiple OneDrive Free Accounts - Unlimited Storage

    Sign up for multiple OneDrive accounts for several 5GB of free storage space by using different email addresses, and combine them into a big one. This method allows you to get unlimited storage on OneDrive for free by using free third-party tools like RaiDrive and iMyFone AllDrive (10GB free) that can help you combine and manage cloud storage of multiple accounts effortlessly.

    Use Microsoft Rewards Points For OneDrive Cloud Storage

    You can use your Microsoft Rewards points to redeem a gift card and buy a OneDrive subscription. Ways like searching with Bing on Microsoft Edge, using Cortana to search with Bing, and taking the daily quizzes can help you earn Microsoft Rewards points. You may learn more about How to Earn Microsoft Rewards here and check how to redeem Microsoft Rewards Points from MS official.

    Referral Bonus - Get up to Extra 10GB Free

    You and the new users who joined OneDrive through your referral link will both get an extra 0.5GB. You can invite new users of up to 20 people, so the upper limit is an Extra 10GB.
    Here are the steps you need to do:
    First of all, get to OneDrive’s Manage Storage section and click on 'Earn more', and you will be directed to Referral Bonus. Then you will see a referral link that you can copy and share with your friends.

    Purchase From a New PC/Laptop - 1TB/1 Year Free OneDrive Storage

    Although the Enthusiast Bonus no longer works, if you happen to plan on buying a new laptop or PC, you can search around if the new device comes with a Microsoft 365 subscription, so you can also get 1TB OneDrive space included. For instance, you may have a look at the Laptop deals that come with 1-Year Microsoft 365 subscription on Amazon.

    🚫Methods no longer work on adding more space to OneDrive

    You may have seen these methods on blogs, YouTube, or Reddit, but I've verified that they have been invalid for now.
    Methods No Longer Work:
    🚫Surface Bonus - No Longer Work
    Before 2016, if you have purchased any Microsoft surface device, you are eligible to get 200 GB of free storage for 2 years.

    🚫Enthusiast Bonus - No Longer Work
    Microsoft used to provide OneDrive users with extra free OneDrive space when they purchase or subscribe to one of their products or services like purchasing a Windows phone, registering as a Microsoft office beta tester, or signing up for Microsoft services.

    🚫Camera Roll Bonus - No Longer Work
    When users enable auto backup of their photos to OneDrive, they were eligible to receive more free space on OneDrive.

    By following these tips and tricks above, you can increase your OneDrive cloud storage space by up to 5TB without any cost.

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