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14 Best Office tools, improve your work efficiency, good to your health.

14 Best Office tools, improve your work efficiency, good to your health.

  1. Everything
  2. DEVONthink
  3. Fences
  4. Notion
  5. Canva
  6. Pexels
  7. Tinypng
  8. Amazing Tool for PPT
  9. Big Enter Key
  10. PerkUp
  11. Ohropax Ear Plugs
  12. Computer Lift Table
  13. Office Caudal Decompression Chair Cushion
  14. Cup Holder
If you feel low when you arrive, you will be very excited when you get off work. Then you are in danger. In order not to be dismissed by the boss and to enhance the happiness of our work, it is time to sacrifice some office artifacts to improve our efficiency. And the mood. (we will try to screen free products for users, and charge classes try to get exclusive discounts for everyone)

Improve work efficiency

We often search for things by google, and actually, we also need an efficient local search tool on desktop for the work.

We recommend Everything on PC because it's free and has a fast speed of file search, 100 times faster than the Windows default file search function.

I recommend Devonthink to Mac users. It's not just a file search program tool, but an information management system. If you use it skillfully, it will be beneficial to improve your work efficiency.

An organized desktop can not only make you feel good but also improve your work efficiency. The boss will also like your desktop, so Fences should be a must-have tool for work.

This product is like the image shown below, which claims to be the integration of major products.
Notion= Document (Google docs) + Online Notebook / knowledge management (Evernote) + Project Progress Management (Trello) + Knowledge Base Management (Githubwiki / confluence) + Team Collaboration Documentation (Quip)
This product is good, but it’s a hard process to change work from these to Notion.

Sometimes you will be told to design a poster or miscellaneous things. If you are not a professional art designer, you need a fantastic tool called Canva. Canva provides 60,000 design templates, including business cards, posters, banners, PPTs, and other templates. The Canva can let you achieve the professional art designer’s level by using its typesetting design.

I often find the image materials on Pexels. The difference between Pexels and Unsplash is that all the images on Pexels are C00 images. CC0 images can be used for both personal and business. There will be no copyright disputes.

If your work is related to the website, the image compression is an essential element in work. The ColorMango.com editors use it many times in a day, and it’s very beneficial. It is recommended that all images are compressed in lossless quality.

This is a PPT utility resource that has been summarized by many users. I believe these tools can significantly improve the efficiency of using PPT, so I will not repeat it more here.
Amazing Tool for PPT

Office Decompression

Working a long time, we usually become bored and tired. The following two artifacts are worth to try.

When you need to vent your emotions at work, if you smash the keyboard, you will not only have hand pain but will also receive a peculiar look from others. But with Big Enter Key, if you repeatedly smash the Enter key, I believe that there will be no colleagues have issues, and it can also be used as a pillow for a nap, and you will instantly get a pretty mood.
Big Enter Key

It is said that a PerkUp is equivalent to a cup of coffee, zero calories, not only refreshing, but also refreshing breath, occasionally eat one, avoid the embarrassment when talking with colleagues.

Office Mute Artifact

When we need to be quiet and want to get a nap, how can let a loud sound interfere with our mood? Ohropax silent earplugs, it does not only have good anti-noise effect but also best comfort, it is worth buying again and again.
Ohropax Ear Plugs

Have a rest in office

When we are sitting in front of the computer for a long time, we will feel like the whole body has a spider web, so usually we will occasionally stand up to do the work, and the feeling of typing when we stand up in front of the computer is not bad. So if you can't change the desk, how about trying to add a lifting bracket?
Computer lift table

When we are sitting a long time, the pressure of the caudal vertebra is very high. If you feel pain in sitting, it is recommended to buy this kind of caudal decompression cushion. This is because I have fallen to break my tailbone, so the doctor recommended it to me.
Office Caudal Decompression Chair Cushion

The most common mistake we make in the office is to spill coffee on the keyboard, and this is desperate. These two things keep the water in the cup from being accidentally spilled.
Cup Holder

If you have some other amazing objects, please leave a comment. If you like it, please click Like button.
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