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Trend Micro comprehensive security suite, includes antivirus, online security, privacy protection, kids safe, system optimization.

Trend Micro Maximum Security is a comprehensive anti-virus solution to maximize PC protection. Anti-virus applies advanced machine learning technology to improve the protection against new and unknown threats. Trend Micro Maximum Security can detect dangerous links of infected websites, prevent fraudsters from stealing personal data, prevent phishing email attacks, and protect files with passwords. Trend Micro Maximum Security supports cloud storage scanners that check files in real-time, detect hidden threats, and isolate them. Trend Micro Maximum Security also protects users from Web attacks and provides secure financial transactions on the Internet; it warns of connections to potentially dangerous wireless networks or access points. Trend Micro Maximum Security has parental control function, which allows you to set necessary rules to filter websites and limit the time for children to surf the Internet.

Main features:
* Anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing
* Detect dangerous links
* Wi-Fi check
* Cloud storage scanner
* Parental control
  • "Trend Micro sells itself as a cloud checker, with an excellent primary defense and a pretty good anti-ransom effect. It is generally not noticeable in daily life. In av-test, antivirus ranking is relatively high, its technology is trusted."
  • "It relies on cloud-based technology and networking. That is to say, the virus kill rate will be low if you are offline. There is also feedback from users that it takes up memory and internet speed. In addition, it has poor programming support and requires manual allow listing. (In fact, this is theoretically safer, but some users may find it less convenient.)"

Customer Reviews

Comments (32)
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  • nunca lo he usado, mas adelante hare una resaña,gracias
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security is very Good.
  • noriu pabanditi
  • It has too many software compatibility issue;It doesn't play well with
    other apps. such as Obit and its related Windows products
    iolo and its related Windows products,Malwarebytes,Microsoft Security Essentials and the list goes on and on.
  • You shouldnt be using multiple firewalls/antivirus at the same time anyway,that is obviously how there so many incompatibilities
  • i love it
  • thank you
  • First time for Trend, wonderful!
  • It works very well on my phone, laptop and PC. The results are fantastic. This software has accompanied me for 2 years. Not bad. It is worth buying this software.
  • It is better than all the similar tools in the market. I do not have to update this software manually, it can get update done automatically. It never hogs RAM in my computer system. I do not need to uninstall anything for renewal, for it is very easy to update by just changing the license code.
  • I have used this tool for 9 months. The program has wonderful and great features. It can work perfectly with my Win 8 computer. It can also work without any problems with the updates from Apple. 5 star product with good quality and service!! It is much better than Web Root and Macfee. It can satisfy all my demands.
  • I do not have much knowledge on computer, but I can use this software skillfully within several hours. The performance of this tool is attractive to many users. I have never renewed the subscription of this tool. It is cheaper to purchase one new license each year, for there is a big discount. I have ordered another new license before the subscription expires. It is not difficult to download such a program at all. It is user friendly and suits me most. No need for me to worry about the security of my PC!!
  • I like this program deeply. It can protect my computer. I also like Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus very much, for the features are fabulous indeed. It can work perfectly just as the company promised. I have returned this program without any difficulties by contacting the company directly, for I have purchased Trend Micro Titanium which has included this software. Superb software anyway!!
  • It can ensure the safety of my computer. I like the simple interface of this software very much. It is easy to master the skills for using this program. The satisfying price value is the reason for its large sales amount in the market. It’s lightweight on system resources. I would like to recommend this software to all my friends.
  • I got this software through the Vine Program and when I saw it was available I snatched it right up. I have been using Trend Micro already and mine was ready to expire. This is by far more superior than other products offered by other manufacturers and I have installed it on my 2 computers-Vista OS and Windows 7 OS with no problem. Of course you have to uninstall any pre-existing programs for Trend Micro before installing this one. It optimizes the system, you have remote file lock, secure erase, WiFi protection and 10 GB secure online backup, sync &share if you chose that option-I do not. You can surf the net more secure and stop malicious downloads from websites. It will block email and manage spam. It boosts Windows Firewall and makes it run more effectively. You can protect your children online by limiting internet access time and duration-which is a big plus for families to safe-guard your children this day and age with all the hazards and dangers online. You can shop more securely on with the secure erase-which is like shredding your information online so that it's not stored and possibly hacked. You can defend yourself against advanced threats-extend your internet security to smartphones (double-bonus. This software will allow you to load onto 3 PC's which is great if you have multiple computers like we do. Anymore than 3 and you'd have to buy additional software to install which is much more costly. I have been a happy and satisfied customer of Trend Micro going on 4 years for personal use. My husband is an I/T manager for a small business and they use Trend Micro for their PC's for several years now with no issues. It's really easy to install and use so this is highly recommended.
  • I have installed it to the Kindle of my brother. It is really a nice and wonderful program for my family. Its nice work satisfies me very much. It is not hard to install this product at all.
  • I have used products from Trend Micro for many years, they all work very well. This program can offer protection to my laptop, my wife’s phone and my son’s phone at the same time. My wife’s phone is with the Android system and my son’s phone has the IOS system. Luckily, this amazing software can be used on both kinds of phones. I am not willing to renew this software, for the price is so high. I bought a new license with a discount here to continue using this wonderful tool, it’s much cheaper than renewing. It is convenient for me to use the new license number. With the new license, I can use this program for another whole year. What a good experience of buying and using such a powerful program!!
  • The software can be installed without any difficulties. It works perfectly. I have never met an error when using it. Good job!
  • I can install and use this software without any difficulties. It is better than other software. Other similar tools can not prevent the viruses very effectively, while this product can work well in this aspect. This superb software is really a charm for the comparatively low price.
  • We have installed McAfee 2011 and Trend 2011 on two Windows 7 desktops which are fairly new. One machine is 32 bit while the other is a 64 bit machine. Both programs installed without problems and fairly quickly and we have been running both using the default setup. One install was done by my 14 year old daughter who required no help and I installed Trend on my machine.
    Install went quickly without problem and completely out of the box install
    No apparent impact on computer performance (Slight delay on loading some web pages)
    Found and cleaned up a couple of problems easily
    Has run on machine for several weeks without any apparent issues
    Conclusion: Trend is solid software running on Windows 7. It work well. Given a choice between MacAfee and Trend price would be the determining factor.
  • Well, it works!
    I had a virus in my computer that was making pop-ups appear every time I opened a window. The IT department had tried to remove it but were unable to do so. So, I had a choice between getting a new computer and switching all my stuff over to it or just ignoring the pop-ups.
    So, I chose to ignore the pop-ups. But they were annoying. And it made me wonder if it was safe to enter secure information.
    Enter: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2011.
    That's a really long name and sounds like they're over-compensating for something, but it WORKED!!! IT WORKED!!!
    Now my computer is virus-free and I am a happy guy.
  • The tool is a great value for the price. It is the best tool I have ever used. Its features are much more satisfying than the similar programs in the market. With the help of this tool, I have never been troubled by any little bugs. I have used it for 7 months. It works well. It can protect the data in my computer effectively. The features for safe erase are very good. It can protect pc, tablet and telephone perfectly. Good product with high quality!
  • 3 years ago, my computer was attacked by malware and Norton failed to defend it. It was really an unpleasant experience. It was hard for me to uninstall Norton completely. The service team of Norton was quite hard to understand and could not help me out of trouble. Finally, I purchased Trend Micro. It assisted me to solve the issues efficiently. At present, this program works smoothly and effectively on my three computers. Once I received some infected files from my friends and the files later made my friends’ computers crashed. However, the infected files caused no damage to my PC due to the help of Trend Micro. How wonderful it is to have this tool!!
  • This is my favorite virus protection software. I have used several others, including AVG, but I really have true peace of mind when I use Trend.
    It does not slow down my PC. In fact, it seems to have little effect on the processing. It also does the job it's supposed to do. When using AVG and other virus protection programs I would sometimes get a virus. To me that is unacceptable. Yes, the program took the virus away when I ran the scan, but it should never have made it on to my PC in the first place.
    This program is excellent.
  • I like this program. I have used it for a whole a year. I have never met any problems with this software. It offers great help to my business and can work on my computer perfectly. I truly love the features of this program. All the viruses and malware have been kept away from my laptop. Quite nice with high quality!!
  • The price value of this product is good. I bought this program in 2009. Its perfect work pleases me most. It can work fantastically without any errors. Wonderful features with high quality. Nice program!! I do not worry about the security of my computer system any more, for it is quite reliable.
  • I uninstalled my expiring Kaspersky and installed Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. The process took practically all day because there was so much that needed to be cleaned up, but after the installation was complete and my first full scan and system tuneup was done, WOW, my computer is a lot faster now! I'm having far less problems during and after booting up, too, because I set Trend Micro to delay loading startup programs until after the OS finishes booting.
    I was sent the 1-PC version to review instead of the 3-PC version I thought I was getting. I was disappointed about this, because our household is wirelessly networked and I wanted to have a chance to see how our network as a whole behaved with the Trend Micro product protecting all of our computers. Too bad I can't address the product's performance at that level. I did have a brief snafu with our local network not being automatically recognized, but a quick and pleasant exchange with customer support via chat cleared that up quickly. (I just closed Trend Micro, connected manually to the network, then opened Trend Micro again. After that, it automatically recognized the other computers.) The real bummer is that I can't avail myself of the free 10GB online storage because the folder I need to have backed up is physically located on another computer on the network and that computer is not under license.
    Now, I like the look of Kaspersky better, design-wise. Trend Micro's design is in-your-face macho; it reminds me too much of the familiar (to women) adage: "Avoid men driving red trucks like the plague." One photo in the installation sequence, that of a woman and child having fun on the computer in the foreground with the "strong silent type" male in the background purportedly protecting them from malicious intent smacked of sexism. But the program itself seems to be doing what it says it will do, and it's fast. I was always aware of Kaspersky doing its thing, but I hardly notice the Trend Micro Titanium. So unless something happens to demonstrate to me that this is all just an illusion that I am protected, I'm feeling good about the product.
    One thing that really impressed me was that, when I turned on Data Theft Protection, about six hours later I got a message that my credit card information had been blocked from going out. I don't have any autopayments set up with anybody, and I wasn't doing anything requiring a credit card, so I was surprised that there was an attempt to get my credit card number. It's easy to set up this protection, and you control what you protect. I was protecting my email address, but it blocks some of my log-ins, so I turned that particular block off. I also enabled the Trend Micro Vault, which allows for remotely locking the files on your computer if it is stolen. This will be an important feature for travelers with laptops.
    UPDATE: I am horrified (and happy now that I have Titanium Maximum Security) to see how often there are assaults on my computer trying to get my bank account info. The data theft protection reports blocking at least three attempts daily to get my account info. I am breathing easier, but also uneasy wondering how long this has been going on. This started happening after I entered one of the Big Prize contests on Facebook! Gadzooks! Facebook users beware!
    FEEDBACK FOR TREND MICRO: I love the data theft protection feature, but I don't love the way there does not seem to be any way to turn the pop-up notifications off for it. (Turning off other notifications doesn't turn these off; somebody comment here if you've found a way.) If what I am working in is not that important, just clicking back into the window I want to focus on minimizes the notification from Titanium. However, some of the graphics programs I work in lose whatever was in their minds when a notification pops up, and I have to re-enter the information. Because these are often tricky settings, it's really frustrating. But I don't want to turn off the data theft protection because of the frequent assaults on my system. Please fix this in an update, Trend Micro!
  • The fascinating features of this tool are best for me to use. I have introduced this software to my colleagues. The price is really reasonable for 3 devices use. It has provided wonderful protection to my computer indeed. I appreciate the assistance of this program very much.
  • I thought I was going to have to reformat my Asus laptop.. It was crashing and not turning off properly. I had Webroot security which I really enjoyed, but since installing Windows 7, Webroot has had issues.... I installed this program and it took about one hour to to install off the disk, but since installing and updating it runs flawlessly in the background and loads and shuts down perfectly. The system tuner fixed registry errors and really fixed and improved my computers performance. It also does a great job with cookies and its spyware blocker. Totally impressed!!
    I am a happy computer user again, and so happy I didn't have to reformat! Trend Micro Titanium Max Security runs smooth as advertised!!!
  • The good quality of this software is attractive. I have used several tools of this brand for 3 years. It can update automatically. In my case, it works on my laptop, tablet and PC flawlessly and effectively. I’m pleased with its good work.
  • This tool has helped me for 2 year. It works sooo great. It has kept my PC away from all the viruses and malware. It can meet all my demands. I love it and enjoy using it.
  • I love this tool very much. It can be installed in three devices. This feature is very satisfying. I have installed it both in my PC and Mac. This tool has helped me identify and clear off malware effectively. The powerful features make me happy. It has helped me keep my computer run fast and smoothly. I only need to adjust a little on the computer system and my computer will work perfectly. The features of this tool are better than Norton Anti-Virus. It can remove all the spyware and viruses efficiently and completely. Good product indeed!!

Customer Q&A

  • 🔔 How to cancel Trend Micro Yearly Plan?
  • 1. Open https://helpcenter.trendmicro.com/en-us/srf/
    2. Click to cancel auto-renewal, and choose the product you want to cancel.
    3. Fill out the required information.
    4. Click Recaptcha, then submit your request.
    5. Wait for the official reply by email in about 24-48 hours.
  • 🔔 How many devices Can I protect with Trend Micro Maximum Security?
  • Up to 5 Devices Supported
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