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It only takes 3 easy steps to help you migrate your Windows system, software, and data files to your new PC.

If you attempt to copy all your files, applications manually to a new PC, it will take ages to complete, and there’s still a chance you might miss something. Laplink PCmover is an excellent PC migration solution that can automatically migrate all the files, applications, user profiles, settings, operating system from an old PC to a new PC. A single purchase of Laplink PCmover allows users to move as many attempts as needed from one source computer to one destination computer.

Most of the transferred applications are installed and ready-to-use on the new PC, saving lots of hassles from finding the old CDs, serial number, and license code to download again. However, some programs with unique copy protection, files with Digital Rights Management may still require deactivation from the old PC and re-entry of a serial number and original keys on the new PC.

Laplink PCmover will not move specific hardware drivers, Antivirus programs to the new PC.
Some programs may not be compatible with the newer operating system.
Not designed to migrate from a newer operating system to an older operating system. For instance, migrate from a PC running Windows 7 to a PC running Windows XP.
If users find applications cannot be deactivated on the old PC, please contact the software manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

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  • LaplinkPCmover Professional is a good product. I have been using it since many years ago. At the first time, I used it to move data from XP to a newer XP pc, then use it to move from XP to new Wind7 Pro, the third time it helped me move from Win7 Pro laptop to a newer Win7 Home Premium pc.

    I really like the newer version of PCmover, it has made a lot of improvements. Before the moving process, this wonderful program can tell me which programs can be moved successfully and which ones will not. At first, I’m worried that I don’t have the discs for the applications I want to move. But it successfully did all the transferring work. The moved 32 bit programs can work well on both Win7 Pro 64 bit and Win7 HP 64 bit. It helps me save a lot of money. With the successful transfering of the expensive software, I don’t need to spend money to buy them again.

    But I want to remind those new users: before trying to use the software, you should first download the newest instructions from the website and study it carefully.
  • A few days ago, my laptop crashed down, but the hard drive still worked. I thought I need to rebuy some programs, because I couldn’t find the original discs for them. Then I found out PCMover. I used it to transfer all the files and programs from my old laptop to the new one. The whole process took me about 1 hour. It is handy and clear to understand. It’s worth using.
  • LaplinkPCmover is easy to handle. It helps me save a lot of time to get a new computer ready to work. I only need to do a few small adjustments on the new computer after transferring all data to it with PCMover. I’m sure I will use it again when I upgrade the system or change a new computer. It’s worth buying!
  • LaplinkPCmover helped me move my files, information, MS outlook emails and contacts from my old computer to the new one. The transferring process is very easy. LaplinkPCmover is really good. It is secure and handy.
  • I was so surprised that I upgrade Win Xp to Win 8 with the helpful of PCMover and all my files and software are kept. I’m very happy.
  • I need to work with computer every day. But unfortunately I got a notice from Microsoft that the XP support will end within a few weeks. So we have to move all the files and programs to new computers. Microsoft recommended Laplink PCmover to us. Last week, we were very busy. We used it to move the important files and data to the new Windows 8 computers. The whole process took a few hours, but it went very smoothly. I really like this software. Thanks for the hard work from PCMover developers.
  • With the help of PCmover, I successfully transferred all content from my HP PC with old XP system to Dell with Windows 8.1. The whole process took me around 4 hours. The functions are as great as described. It’s worth recommending.
  • Laplink PCmover Professional can easily move data from one computer to another. It is easy to operate, so I want to recommend it to others. What’s more, I can easily get help from the support team whenever I got a problem.
  • PC Mover makes the migration to a new device much easier. I would recommend it to anyone who is not so professional with computers.
  • This software works great, but it took about 10 hours to finish work via wireless connection, it is too slow, not recommend to use wireless for this software. And the tech support is nice, they solved my problems very quickly. I will recommend this software to my good friends.
  • I was searching for a program that can help me move programs from one computer to another. I asked a computer repairman, but he said it was not possible. As LaplinkPCmover has good reviews, I decided to try it. However, after I moved, the program didn’t work as I wished. I used the assistance, though it cost me extra money, it helped me do checks and repairs before starting moving. With the support from the assistance team, I can run it very well. Now both my two computers are installed with the same programs. I’m glad I got help from the support team. They helped me do the right adjustments and helped me solve many potential problems. I’m very happy with PCmover. Everything goes very well.
  • LaplinkPCmover has helped me for more than 30 times. I used it to do in-place upgrades or move from old Windows systems to Windows 7 and Windows 8, or move from old computers to new ones. It worked very well.

    I think it is necessary to read the operation instructions. If you operate according to the instructions, you will move your programs, data and emails successfully to a new and upgraded working system. There are some programs that can’t be moved, because they are written for old 16 bit computers, they can’t work on newer 64 bit systems. This is not the problem of PC Mover. During the moving process, it is better to use a local area network (wireless or wired), but sometimes, I also need to use special USB cables.

    PC Mover is an old product existing for years. The developers are always trying to find methods to make computer maintenance and upgrading easier. Thanks for their hard work.
  • Before using PCmover, I was very worried about transferring from XP to W7. I’m afraid that I might lose my data and apps. I worried the licenses might be invalid and my old laptop might fail to go through the whole transferring process. So I did a backup for the data and files. However, everything goes very well with PCmover. I spent some time in the weekend to finish installation. Everything works very well after the whole process. I kept all my data. What’s surprising, my office2003 licenses still work. The only problem is with iTunes. But I can use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall and then reinstall it, and then it can work smoothly.
  • After I bought PCmover, I used it to move programs from my old XP computer to a newer Windows 7 computer. The transfer process took me less than 3 hours. It is an easy-to-use tool. Very good!
  • LaplinkPCmover is really useful and effective. It helps saving time. However, there are some defects. After moving data to a new system with the software, I spent a long time trying to import playlists into iTunes, but I still failed to make my HP scan software work. It also changed some settings on Google Chrome. But it’s still worth buying.
  • The motherboard of my old computer was out of work, but hard drive was ok. So I wanted to make use of it. I used it on my new Win 8.1 computer and installed my games on it. It worked fine.
  • I bought this product to transfer my important files and doc to my new computer. This software is so nice, it also transfer my Outlook emails and contacts. I can use it easily with safety. what a great product!
  • I used LaplinkPCmover to help me move from Vista to Windows 7, but the system was not completely reinstalled. Recently, I used PCmover again to move from 7 32bit to 64bit. Though Microsoft claimed the move could not be done, PCMover finished the move very well both times. Though some older programs are not transferred, I moved all the other programs and settings successfully.
  • Last month, I used LaplinkPCmover Professional for two times. The first time, I transferred files and programs from a Vista PC to a Windows 7 PC. The whole process took me less than four hours and it finished well. I thought I would not use it again, however, something bad destroyed my computer, so I bought a new one. Then I used the software to move all the things from Windows 7 PC to a Windows 8 PC. This is also a wonderful move. During the operation, I only needed to follow the instructions step by step, and everything went well. PC Mover is really user friendly. If I missed one step, I just needed to go back and finish the step. Up until now, I found LaplinkPCmover Professional works very well. It has become my go to software.
  • PCmover is a good tool. I moved from XP to Win8 successfully. It is very handy, even a novice can easily handle it.
  • LaplinkPCmover Professional can help me move programs, files, folders and system settings. I haven’t found any other software that can do the same thing as LaplinkPCmover Professional does. However, the setup of this software is not easy. Though the user interface is complete, it is not clear or intuitive, and end users may have problem understanding it.
  • PCmover has many features. It can transfer data from an old computer to the new one with USB, disks, cable, network and in-place upgrades, as long as the new system is no older than the original one.

    Some setting options of this software are really impressive. I can delete certain users or arrange them to new profiles. When the data move is done, the software will send a reminding email to me. This is really convenient for a busy IT worker like me. I don’t need to sit there waiting for the completion, I can do other things during the process.

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